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    So i bought my pre yesterday morning. I used it all day without any trouble, plugging it in occasionally to make sure the battery lased all day. Last night i plugged it in to my computer to charge overnight.

    This morning it would not turn on. No charging light on the front, the display wouldn't come on either hitting the power button or sliding the keyboard out.

    I finally figured out how to take the battery out and after leaving it out for a few minutes, i was able to power back up.

    Has anyone else had any issues like this? Also, should any lights be on while charging?
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    Yeah, Hold on, someone on SprintUsers had this same issue, let me grab the link. Solution was also posted


    Here's the link
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    When I charge my phone (not with the Touchstone), the screen eventually turns off and there are no lights to signify that it's charging. The only way I know it's charging is if the batt icon in the upper right says it is.

    Also, when I try charging the phone when it is turned off, it turns itself on and then begins to charge.
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    Here's the info from the link:

    I was using wifi on my Pre for a OS update. I left it for like 10 minutes and came back to a dead phone. I hit the power button nothing. Plugging in the phone to the wall or car charger for an extended period of time didn't fix it.

    Come to find out if you let your Pre completely die...this may happen. No matter how long you try to charge it, the Pre will not turn on.

    FIX: Take off the batter cover, remove the battery. Put the battery back in and hit the power button. The phone should come back on and you want to make sure you start charging this immediately. (This told to me while at Sprint store, I also saw it happen that way.)

    I was freaking out that my Pre died in one day. Only the manager who had more extensive Pre training knew about this at the corporate store that I went to to get my Pre fixed. All other associates were not aware of this...until me!

    Spread the word so others don't have my same freak out and don't let you Pre battery get to low!
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    Thanks for the quick responses. NM08SRT8, i think that post is similar to my problem. It sounds like his issue was that the pre's battery went completely dead and the only way to bring it back up was to remove battery then start charging.

    I had the phone plugged into the computer, and when i got it back up the battery was fully charged.

    A few similarities though, i tried to update to 1.0.2 yesterday and it said download failed and that it would try again later. Its possible it tried to update overnight and that caused it. Also, i set the phone up to connect to my wifi network...maybe a glich there.

    I guess the trouble shooting steps for now are plug into the wall overnight and turn off wifi and see if i can track down the culprit.

    Good to know that its a software issue and not hardware...that was too much panic for a Sunday morning.

    thanks again for the help.
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    I have the same problem with my Sedio extended live battery "Innocell 2600mAh Extended Life Battery". Taking the battery out dd not work. The OEM battery worked fine when I put it back into the pre. Does anyone know how I can solve this issue and fix my extended life battery?


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