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    I was seeing in the buglist thread that someone was saying the only sound they could hear was the sound when a card is throw off the screen. this is true for me also, but i'm wondering, what are the other system sounds that I should be expecting to hear? pandora works, and the phone works. are there system sounds that i should be aware of?
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    can anyone help me with this? am i just looking for something that doesn't exist or am i actually missing something?
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    From what I have noticed, the system sounds include:

    1. "Swipe" swooosh sound when siping cards up/closed.
    2. Email/Text/Viocemail/IM notification
    3. Call tones (when dialing phone#'s)

    The call tones sound is what is really annoying me. When I want to be able to hear email/text msg notification, I need to have the system sounds set to full volume. BUT when I do that, the dial tones sound is also full blast and extremely loud and the tones come out of the speakerphone. I wish they would seperate the "system" sounds and the "notification" sounds so you could hear your notifications but not the call tones.

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