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    Try this and let me know in this thread if this crashes you. I've been able to make the Pre reset at least 5 times consistently with this situation:

    Have WiFi On and be connected. Be downloading music from Amazon Music store (get a freebe -use Six Degrees Free Indian Music Sampler or search on free music sampler).
    Start the downloads, then plug your Pre into your PC. Then try to do file navigation, or just start copying something - or just plug it in - and reset.

    Interestingly, the phone seems to remain in "Phone Offline" until you do a reset on the device through Device Info.

    Def an avoidable bug, but a bug non-the-less.

    More interesting - you can turn WiFi on even in this offline mode - so Sprint's network is off, but the device is usable on WiFi or Bluetooth.
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    Wow, talk about "hard to reproduce" bugs.
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    Why would you want to do this???
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    Wasn't trying to do it - just happened to plug phone in while it was downloading - found that it happened...

    But this "Offline Mode" which is different then the AirPlane mode is interesting - I don't know of nay other way to do that.
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    A man walks into a doctors office and says, "Doc, you gotta help me out! My arm hurts every time I do this.", and bends his arm in a funny way.

    The doctor raises his eyebrows and says, "Don't do that.".
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    thanks for posting the info.. it will only help make the pre a better phone...

    Remember in the Storm forums... anyone who's phone crashed was slammed right away, and flamed.. needless to say took them 6 months to come with an update.

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