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    Posting from my pre but everytime I start loading up a web page and go into anothrr web card. The first card is white and I have to open it for it to keep loading. I thought the cards stay loading while doing other stuff.

    Another problem is the screen doesn't follow the text while I'm typing this. I got to scroll over to see what I'm typing
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    1. I've noticed the first problem, but only if the browser is still initiating a connection, i.e. on the white screen. If it's already loading the page / images, it works just fine.

    2. That's a problem with WebKit, Opera knows best about doing text reflows. Wait for an update...
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    I agree with the scroll while typing.
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    Yeah, I had the problem with web cards not staying live, but like haydur said...make sure the page is loaded before putting it into card view.
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    Okay I hope they fix this stuff. Because it sucks if I have to wait for it to start loading before I got into card view.

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