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    My wife and I got our pre's first thing yesterday morning and enjoyed them all day. When we went to sleep I put my phone on to charge, buy my wife did not. Her phone battery was drained over night. When we woke up this morning and plugged her phone in, an image of a battery with a red segment at the bottom and a lightning bolt appeared. Let it charge for a good 30 minutes and the phone would not power up. I ended up having to remove the battery, put it back in, and then plug the phone back in; at which point it powered up normally. Bummer!
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    Yea, I had the same problem when the battery died. I had to resort to the same, pulling the battery out and plugging it back in.
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    Same here, sounds like if you kill it its a glitch
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    I'd also make sure you dont completely drain your battery normally. Not good for lithium batteries to be drained completely on a regular basis. Best to keep them topped off as much as possible.
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    This is probably a software bug and should be added to the bug list.

    Edit: Oh, just noticed the subject of the previous post. Mid-thread subject changes aren't very noticeable.

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