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    Quote Originally Posted by mar7pau View Post
    Ok so I haven't figured out how to go back to the previous page?
    Gestures, a diagram, tutorials and an overview link are in the Tips and Tricks on page 2.

    - Craig
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mpre View Post
    When viewing a web page in landscape mode you may notice the web tab disappears. To make it show again, simple hit the volume button.
    i wasn't able to get this to work? anyone verify?
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    One more tip, since I saw my thread resurrected from a watery grave: When you're in card view (you've pressed the button, or did an "up" gesture once), you can scroll through all your open cards just by holding the sides of the screen (either left or right). The phone is finicky on where you hold it, but it will always work if you hold the area in the vertical middle of the size-reduced card on the left or right edges.
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    I used to be able to program my entire work voicemail login on my Treo. Is there a way (or app) to add additional keystrokes to a shortcut? Appreciate all the tips and shortcuts.
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    To save a photo from a web page hold down the orange key and tap on the photo. You also can copy photos to email this way.
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    delete an app - hold down the orange button on your keyboard (sprint pre) or the white button (verizon) and tap the app icon.


    website shortcut - "You can add the web page into you apps page, that way it will be with your apps and a little easier to come up instead of going into the web browser then going to your bookmarks. For instance, I have Pre-central on my apps page, that way when I click on it, it goes stright to the site.. Hope that helps..."

    Go to the page you want added, then open the Web options menu in the upper left, go to Page -> Add to Launcher and it should then appear in your Apps page.


    Gesture+A to select all text
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    This is great stuff; thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyrihn View Post
    1. 16. Take a screenshot by pressing Orange + Shift + P. The new pic will be in your photos, under "screenshots"
    At least this must be Orange (Grey) + Sym + P

    Maybe its Shift on NON GSM Pre's? I've a German Pre and its definitely Orange-Sym-P
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    Quote Originally Posted by buyrihn View Post
    I figure that we've all had a chance to play with our Pre's now, so this would be a good time to share some tips that you've learned/discovered. Depending on the amount and kind that are shared, I can update this post with the latest ones. I'll start:

    1. When typing, just type "u", then a space or a period or comma, and the Pre will auto-correct it to "you".
    2. If you're in a text field and the Pre auto-caps the first letter and you don't want it to be capitalized, press the delete key once, and it'll change it to lowercase without having to type the letter again.
    3. In card mode, if you press and hold on a card, it'll zoom out to a smaller view which makes it easier to see multiple cards! You can also do this by tapping anywhere on the wallpaper.
    4. You can change your launcher Apps by holding the App in the launcher bar and then dragging it up. Then you can add by doing the opposite, Hold the icon of the App you want in the launcher and pull down into the launcher
    5. If your display turns off while the keyboard is open, you can press the spacebar instead of the power button to turn it back on
    6. When typing, you can type "thru", and it will auto-correct it to "through"
    7. When typing, if you want to move the cursor, hold down the orange button and you can "slide" the cursor around
    8. Orange + Sym + R seems to soft reset the phone.
    9. After tapping a notification, you can return it to icon form by swiping down on it
    10. You can maximize a shrunken card by swiping down below the card towards the gesture area.
    11. Enter "t" for a Timed Pause in a dial string, and enter "p" for a Hard Pause in a dial string. Touch the remainder of the dial string following the word "Dial" on the screen to trigger the next set of digits to dial.
    12. Orange + sym and tap on link opens a new card when browsing online
    13. Hold the shift button down and press the back key to delete whole words at a time.
    14. You can get rid of the Alarm icon in the notification bar by restarting the phone after setting the alarm.
    15. If your keyboard is slid out, you can take a picture with the camera by pressing the spacebar
    16. Take a screenshot by pressing Orange + Shift + P. The new pic will be in your photos, under "screenshots"
    17. You can set the weather to display on your calendar (if it's sync'd with google calendar) by going to the Settings on entering your zip code and setting the "Display weather on calendar" option.
    18. You can remove installed (downloaded) apps from the launcher by opening the launcher, going to the Launcher options, select List Apps then click on the desired app and click delete OR by holding down the orange button and tapping the app you want to delete.
    19. Orange + Sym + I brings up an overlay from any app that show information. Not sure of its use.
    20. You can use a long swipe down gesture to close the launcher overlay as well as the swipe up, the center button, and the icon.
    21. "Peek" in the calendar day mode (or week mode) by holding your finger and dragging it half way to peek into the next day.

    I can not get Orange + Shift + P to take a screen shot did that do something with webos because i have tried many times and no go?
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    Ok for sprint any ways its Orange key + Sym + P not shift... for the screen shot
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