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    Well I will be getting my Pre sometime next week. But I am reading all of these negative things and I am getting a little worried.

    I have never owed a Palm before but I have owned quite a few other phones.
    Sidekick 2
    Sidekick 3
    Blackberry Pearl
    1st Gen iPhone
    HTC Tilt
    iPhone 3g

    Now I am by no means going to be using this phone for official business work. I typically use my phones for email, multimedia, text, and calender. So the pre seemed like a natural progression from the 3G.

    But now after reading about the crashing, screen problems, battery life, and other bugs I am starting to question if I should get it. However, I do realize that the majority of the problems can* be fixed with an update. I just worry about how fast these fixes will come.

    So, without further adieu...

    Will you be keeping your Pre? Why?
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    In a word, yes.

    In more words...
    The thing is gorgeous. Coming from WM (6.1) to webOS, well there really is no comparison. The webOS has it beat in pretty much every single category. The email delivery is as good if not better than on my Treo. The actual email rendering is WAY better. There is no comparison between Pocket IE and the Webkit browser. The menus are all super responsive. Oh and did I mention it's gorgeous.

    If I have any complaint it's the battery life. Given my Treo (which I had until yesterday) would be able to go about 2 days without charge when I lived in Orlando a week ago. Since moving here in my apt when it would switch to roaming/and back to sprint 90x a day the battery wouldn't be able to last 5 hrs and the thing would be hot as hell. This is exactly what I'm experiencing right now with the Pre. So my guess is that it has little to do with the phone and more to do with terrible Sprint coverage where I live now. At work I have great coverage which is right down the street (2.1 miles to be exact) so I assume/hope Sprint will eventually cover this area better.
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    I'm definitely keeping my Pre. For a 1.0 release, I'm very satisfied with how it manages to handily beat my iPhone in some areas. Part of me wants a bigger screen but the device is JUST the right size that I stopped caring. Now that dead pixel on my screen is a big no-no one way or another. My mom's Pre is perfect though and I'm just gonna do an ESN swap since she didn't notice the dead pixel...
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    I don't put a lot of stock in the negativity. With any new device there are always compaints and "why doesn't it brew coffee" things.

    For me, overall it's an excellent platform with no deal breakers. And, I fully expect many of the listed shortcomings will be corrected over time with OTA OS updates. People need to keep in mind we're working on a brand new, industry changing OS - a reasonable person wouldn't expect it to be perfect out of the box.
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    Keeping, if you have lived through these launches as many times as I have, you know there will be fixes. This board has always been the same.
    When the phone releases a bunch of minor bugs surface and peope claim that this is the phone that will put palm out of business, and that started 8 or 9 years ago.
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    Keeping, for sure. It's a cool little device.
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    Depends on tomorrow.... I have been out of contract... but a sprint customer for 7 years. I got the Pre as a "last chance" before going with the iphone. (I have a ipod touch I have been using for 6 months now)

    So far, I like both... but the ipod is "cleaner"... but doesn't multi-task near as well.... so that is kind of a push...

    The web browser is better on the iphone... but not by tons...

    Text entry is a wash.. both do well... but I like the landscape keyboard the iphone offers.

    To me ... it comes down to Apps.... and the Pre just doesn't have that many... Pandora is great... but there are tons missing. Hopefully someone can come out with an "APPS IN DEVELOPMENT" post and let me know what is brewing...

    Add in tomorrow's announcements... and who knows... I might jump ship.
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    Yes, I'll be keeping mine.
    1: Love the multitasking
    2: The Pre browser is way faster than my iPhone on the same wifi.
    2: Safari iPhone browser crashes like 10 times a day. Pre, not one browser crash yet.
    3: Pre multi touch seems a bit better than the iPhone.

    Battery life does suck, but so does my iPhone battery.
    I'm waiting for Seidio extended battery...
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    YES! get one is simply amazing
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    I like the Pre and will keep it as long as Palm is committed to releasing updates in a timely manner and taking input from users. I was going to hold out and wait for Apple's announcement about the Iphone 2009. Unless the new Iphone is a can't miss option, I "may" return it.
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    Could this be turned into a poll?

    There is zero question on whether i will be keeping the Pre. I'm easily one of the people Palm was targeting with this phone, even though there are a few things I'm waiting to have resolved / added to the phone. Because I'm confident they'll be addressed relatively quickly, they're not deal breakers.
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    OMG YES!!!!!!

    While many people seem to be fond of pointing out that the phone's not perfect. It's an amazing phone. Was showing it off last night at the bar and everyone was amazed. The iPhone fans just sat quietly off to the side.

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    Yes I will be keeping mine. I have had a lot of issues, but my wife's is perfect. If mine worked as well as hers I would be ecstatic. I am also coming from an iPhone. Getting used to gestures was weird for me but I love it now. And keep in mind this is a V1.0 I am betting in a month the software issues will be resolved and everyone will love this phone.

    I highly recommend it.
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    This is my first time buying a new phone at launch esp Palm. Used to wait and see how things went. No regrets from me so far. Have put the Treo 700p aside and moving forward. Over the years I have had many smart phones including a blackberry curve and Iphone. The Pre hands down winner in my book.
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    I most definitely will be keeping it. In fact, I'm going to go to the Sprint store tomorrow to return something, but it won't be my new Palm Pre. I will be returning my Instinct for the final goodbye...and get a $50 credit for doing so.
    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." óL. Ron Hubbard
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    I don't know if I will keep it yet, i'm waiting to see what apple has to say tomorrow. If they upgrade some of the things expected then I might go back to apple until further updates for the pre are available.
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    Quote Originally Posted by repseki View Post
    Yes I will be keeping mine. I have had a lot of issues, but my wife's is perfect. If mine worked as well as hers I would be ecstatic. I am also coming from an iPhone. Getting used to gestures was weird for me but I love it now. And keep in mind this is a V1.0 I am betting in a month the software issues will be resolved and everyone will love this phone.

    I highly recommend it.
    More reason that Palm was right in not wanting to do a big roll out on day one. They knew the people that REALLY REALLY wanted one would get it the first day, and would mostly overlook some of the flaws associated with a 1.0 device. Now that they've gotten some feedback from these people, they can go back and fix some of the software issues for daily shipments that have been rumored to be occurring everyday after today.
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    like it alot does need refinement, but its a keeper
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    I honestly bought it to test it out and return it on day 29. Now that I have it, I think I'm going back to the store today... to add insurance. I may just be keeping this bad boy.
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    I'll be keeping all three of my Pre's...and crossing my fingers for some new software.

    That said, I'll also be keeping my Treo.
    IIIx -> Tungsten T -> Treo 650 -> Treo 700p -> Launch day Pre
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