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    Of course I will keep it!
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    YES! The multi-tasking, the notifications, the feel in the hand...all surpasses the other phones out there.
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    Cmon, OP, grow a pair! The Pre is awesomeness personified.
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    i think i will keep's prob the best smartphone i've ever owned... it's not perfect, but for me, it's close enough...

    i would've like to try and compare it to the upcoming Touch Pro2 first, but that may not be out for a couple of mos still....(but that thing is huge and i prob wouldn't carry it with me!)

    i don't have an 'oreo', i don't have a bad battery and i don't have any bad pixels....

    Palm Pre (Sprint)
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    NO WAY. New android phones comming out soon. Hero. Sweet.
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    yeh im keeping the pre i loooveee webos
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    Not sure yet. I've got until first week in August.
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    I am totally keeping my Pre.

    There have been numerous threads where people complain about some of the things WebOS v1.x are missing. Sure there are things that I would like to see added (video recording, customizable push schedules, etc) and in time I am sure they will be. That being said, I came from Windows Mobile which has had years to be perfected and yet I had to reset my WM device at least every other day. WebOS 1.x is more stable and elegant by a long shot then WM is at version 6.x. Palm has done a great job out of the gate and I am confident we will continue WebOS get better and better over the coming months.
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    I love my Pre
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    have to agree, the updates have made the multi tasking bog especially when running pandora and the phone software is really hurt. i like sprint so i will wait and see how the pre is doing when the android phone gets released at the end of the year and consider staying or going then.
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    of course i am...this is the best, most exciting device i have ever owned....the OP should put a poll...
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    honestly, I love my Pre too. I think that I am not picky when it comes to phone (and compared to almost everyone here, VERY VERY un-picky lol), and I personally consider this the best phone I've ever had. Can it use some improvements to make it better, yes.

    Personally, I would like it if the LED lit up for a new text/missed call, it was a little less sluggish, better time-stamp for the texts, center button wakes the phone, music player was a little better, maybe louder speakerphone so I can hear people in noisy areas, and a little more options (like how windows mobile is).

    But after coming from the instinct and the touch diamond, the PRE rocks my socks, and this one is def a keeper! Bought mine from ebay, and no problems with it that concern me! Plus, for battery life, esp after coming from the touch diamond, battery life is great! Its now 9:16pm, and from 8:00am to now, my battery life is at 65%, not too shabby!
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