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    Quote Originally Posted by RLovelett View Post
    In a word, yes.

    In more words...
    The thing is gorgeous. Coming from WM (6.1) to webOS, well there really is no comparison. The webOS has it beat in pretty much every single category. The email delivery is as good if not better than on my Treo. The actual email rendering is WAY better. There is no comparison between Pocket IE and the Webkit browser. The menus are all super responsive. Oh and did I mention it's gorgeous.

    If I have any complaint it's the battery life. Given my Treo (which I had until yesterday) would be able to go about 2 days without charge when I lived in Orlando a week ago. Since moving here in my apt when it would switch to roaming/and back to sprint 90x a day the battery wouldn't be able to last 5 hrs and the thing would be hot as hell. This is exactly what I'm experiencing right now with the Pre. So my guess is that it has little to do with the phone and more to do with terrible Sprint coverage where I live now. At work I have great coverage which is right down the street (2.1 miles to be exact) so I assume/hope Sprint will eventually cover this area better.
    Get an Airave. That should solve most of your coverage issues at home.
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    Yes.. I will be keeping it.. Hope to get an Airave shortly, Even the Touch Pro I had completly modded didn't get good recption at my place.

    But I am keeping the Pre....
    Palm Pre
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    Keep it! Beautiful phone! No brainer
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    Quote Originally Posted by Duvi View Post
    I honestly bought it to test it out and return it on day 29. Now that I have it, I think I'm going back to the store today... to add insurance. I may just be keeping this bad boy.
    Haha heart sank just a little until I read ""! I added insurance to my account for the first time, because I do think this phone is worth it.
    "Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow." óL. Ron Hubbard
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    I will be keeping my has a much better feeling for the future than my instinct did last year
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    best phone i've ever had.... of course i'm keeping it....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    I haven't had a single problem. I plan to keep mine unless Apple releases something amazing tomorrow AND lowers their plan rates!

    I"m very happ with the Pre. I'm looking forward to watch new apps pop up.
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    Keeping it.

    I've had:
    Palm Treo 600, 650, 680, 750.
    Nokia 6682, E61i, 6820, N73, N75, N95-1, N95-4, E90.
    Motorola RAZR2 V9, V9x.
    BlackBerry 7230, 7730, 7105t, 8100, 8300, Bold.
    Sony Ericsson K550, K790.
    Plus an assortment of other clunkers by various makers.

    The Palm Pre is my favorite so far, and not just because of the new-ness, although that's bound to be a factor. As my communication needs and focus evolved my choice of mobile phone evolved as well. Email/SMS and PIM functions overtook simple voice communication for me, and stability of the device became more and more critical. I've always had GSM phones ever since I bolted from Verizon back around the dawn of man. Before that I was on AMPS with the old Moto brick phones and the DPC-series.

    While the BlackBerry platform had become a near-perfect fit for me, the cost was starting to get prohibitive. Over $90/month for a single line is high, but that's the price of Blackberry service, even with only 450 minutes of voice.

    With Sprint and the Pre I'm paying $60. I get all the same features I had with BlackBerry and AT&T, plus now I have the insurance as well. Can't beat that with a stick. Sprint has coverage in my are (and areas I frequent) equal to or better than AT&T.

    I love touch screens but I have found I absolutely require a physical keyboard. The Bold's keypad was the best I've ever used, but the Pre's keyboard is very good and is growing on me. Plus, with a touchscreen I rely on the keyboard only for typing messages.

    The Pre has a screen that blows the BlackBerry Bold away! So much more info on the screen at once is a major benefit of the big screen, to say nothing of multimedia applications. And scrolling on the Pre is a dream. Gestures, baby!

    Email handling on the Pre, for my needs, is equal to the BlackBerry. I'm not a corporate BES user, which is where the real magic of BlackBerrys happens. As a personal user I find my mail still arrives instantly in both accounts I've set up on the Pre.

    I think the trick for everyone is to find what works best for you personally. I was happy with my Treos until they started getting unstable. Damn Garnett. BlackBerry was a breath of fresh air after my Treos, but even BlackBerrys are not as stable as they once were. Face it - as an OS gets more complicated and is opened up to third-party developers, siht happens. What I'm loving about the Pre is that it's as good as it is this early in the game. Judging by the Palm developer community in the past I see the WebOS platform exploding in popularity. I think we Pre users are in at the beginning of something special.
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    Yes. I love the Pre. I'm not experiencing any problems. No dead pixels, no light bleeding, no crashes. It came with the update preinstalled. I have all of my email accounts working including my work Exchange account. I'm in love...
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    I just returned mine to Best Buy and am going back to the 755p on Verizon.

    The hardware was nice, but the finish of gloss black is not as good as the slightly rubberized finish on the Treo. The keyboard on the Pre is a little tight compared with the Pre.

    I could have lived with both issues in exchange for the stunning web surfing on the Pre. What I couldn't live with was the inability to sync with my own computer without sending all my data to Facebook, Google or Palm. Sheer madness for a lawyer or professional who keeps sensitive client data on his or her phone. I just don't see business users migrating to this very insecure phone.
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    I am definitely keeping the Pre, although I do not feel it is ready to be used a primary phone. Fortunately I have an extra line, which i decided to keep, since one of my kids will be 12 in another 18 months. At that point, I will give her the line, but in the meantime, I can continue to use my blackberry Curve, while letting the Pre Grow up. the Pre actually already handles most things better than the Blackberry. The email on the Pre is spectacular; it instantly synced with EAS and every folder that i have and is instant! But there are other functions that I must have in a primary phone. Document editing, auto text, and spell check, are crucial for me, since I recieve and reply to 100's of emails a day, many with attachments that need tweaking. Lastly, there is the universal search; I have to have it. I do not have time to search the phone manually when I need to refer to a certain email or memo. I do realize though, that ultimately the Pre will outdo any phone that I have ever had, and i have had them all. Most of the issues with the Pre appear as if they can be addressed with updates; I have not located a fatal flaw. If all goes well, the Pre could be my primary phone by the beginning of August, maybe sooner.

    I remember all of the upgrades and hacking that I did on my Treo 650! Battery life, volume, crashes... but after a year, that 650 was ROCK solid! Every new phone has glitches; early adopters will always be beta testers. It is not the start of the race that matters, but instead the finish. Palm has always done the same thing, starting with a device that has potential, and then addressing the issues over time. The bottom line is that they always address the issues.

    The Pre is starting way beyond any palm phone that I have ever had. I can only imagine where it is going to go with software updates and third party developing. I do believe it will eventually become the standard to which all other smart phones are compared.
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    The jury is still out for me. webOS is AMAZING, loving the speed of this device. So far I don't see why I WOULDN'T keep it, but as I got burned with the Storm, I'm taking this phone through the hoops before i commit again.

    So far its been 80% enjoyable, last night there were a few hiccups, mostly needing to pull the battery, and I bite my nails, so spending 30+ mins trying to take the cover off was NOT fun.
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    Keeping it! Great Feel, Responsive, Does exactly what you expect it to do. Makes the Instinct look like a handicapped toy.
    HTC EVO 4G
    Treo 700w > Blackberry 8830 > Instinct > Palm Pre > HTC EVO 4G
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    Quote Originally Posted by scuba_steve View Post
    I'll be keeping all three of my Pre's...and crossing my fingers for some new software.

    That said, I'll also be keeping my Treo.
    So what are you planning to do with the Treo?

    I bought a Treo 600 at launch, and same for 700p. I loved both and used the 700 until I switched to the Pre yesterday. I kind of hate for a phone that's served me very well and still works fine to become a useless brick. It's a little easier to type on the 700 and there are a few minor things I can do on it that I haven't figured out how to do on the Pre, but overall the Pre does so much more I can't figure out what to use the 700 for, except as a backup that I can put back in service if the Pre ever goes south on me.
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    /me keeping .. thanks
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    You'd have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it away from me. What a great device. At once, very sophisticated and very simple and fast to use. 20 minutes after getting it I had 1981 contacts on it. My 3 2009 calendars. It's easy and fluid and just a blast to use. Makes my 800W look like it was made of stone and leather, and it was only a year old! the web browser is USEFUL. The treo's was always a painful experience. You could often get to what you wanted, but it was usually unpleasant to use. This one in landscape is marvelous. I love how it works seamlessly between 3G and wifi. It just works.
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    I like the phone and many of things that it does well are really fantastic. However, I want/need these four apps before I keep the Pre for good:

    - PalmVNC (or an equivalent VNC client that can go through a VPN)
    - SlingPlayer
    - Voice/Phone Recording (the equivalent of RecorderX)
    - Filez (or equivalent and the ability to download files into the storage space)

    There's plenty of things about the Pre that are far superior to my 700p (particularly the multitasking and the web browsing), but I've gotten used to surviving without those things available to me, so I think I'll hang on for a little while longer until my key apps make onto the WebOS platform.
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    I am jumping ship... Just pre-ordered my 3gs... Sorry... was looking for the iphone experience.... and after years of wanting my phone to be an iphone... I am finally getting one.

    All the best and hope updates comes soon for the PRE
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    Absolutely!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Make this x2 because my GF is keeping hers too
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