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    Rate the entire experience of (waiting in line), buying, and activating your Palm Pre phone with Sprint. I have to say that I was pretty impressed with my Sprint Store's handling of the launch and I will give them a 9 out of 10. I had very low expectations for this particular store because often times the employees are extreme jerks, but not yesterday! Everyone seemed to be in a really festive mood. Maybe it was because of all of the Sprint balloons and Sprint sunscreen being handed out lol

    Please rate your experience on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being very satisfied.
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    Too long of lines and not enough in stock. Sprint is not honest with customers!
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    I'm going to have to disagree with you there. My Sprint store told me they were getting 14-16 phones in, and I was one of the first 10 people in line and got one. If the lines were too long at your store, I guess you should have gotten there earlier, heh.

    My store had 2 people working at the same time to get the line moving faster, so it went pretty smoothly and even being the 10th person in line I still was out of there in an hour or so.
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    i had a great experience. The employees showed up early, did all the paperwork...all this while we waited outside. Right at 8am i walked in got my Pre and was out of there by 8:15!
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    Things went pretty smoothly at the sprint store in staten island. They immediately sent the first group of customers right to the open registers and put everyone else on a list in order as they came into the store so that they didn't have to stand in a line, and could walk around the store looking at the demos they had out on the floor. They also had their people standing by the demos answering any questions and showing how to use it.

    The person who rung me up was very nice, knew about the phone and touched it only when she absolutely had to =) She had me on my way out of the door in under ten minutes. The only reason didn't give them a 10 was that she wasn't able to get past a code on my account, and had to change my plan which ecare was able to change back in hours.

    All in all was a very positive experience.
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    A+++++ I was the first one there at 8:05 am...the rep was the manager of the store and he went over and above the call of duty to make sure that my phone was properly set up before I left.
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    pretty good. pretty pretty pretty good.
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    I waited in "line" an hour (4 people in front of me--i don't live in the city anymore--room for a hundred in the store, but they only allowed 4 in at a time...harkens back to my clubbing days of keeping people out at the ropes to give the impression of a hotspot even tho the club may suck big time).

    I was all ready to do the self activation, but had to wait for the tech to do it for me, but he handled it and it took about half an hour. Plus Sprint (once again) didn't properly note my account for my upgrade eligibility, put me into a contract I vehemently insisted I never agreed to (been month-to-month since Dec 08) and I had to wait while they waited to reach someone to override--and ultimately (to the store's credit) they said f@#k it and just did it anyway. I applaud that, but with account/customer management problems like that, it's not surprise they are sucking hind you-know-what when it comes to the other wireless providers.

    Also, it burns paying $18 to upgrade--for the "privelege" of re-upping a 2-year commitment to a company I am already fed up with just to use a piece of equipment I am moderately interested in.

    Nice balloons, though, and the clipboards of the two greeters were... interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mild Mannered View Post
    Things went pretty smoothly at the sprint store in staten island. They immediately sent the first group of customers right to the open registers and put everyone else on a list in order as they came into the store so that they didn't have to stand in a line, and could walk around the store looking at the demos they had out on the floor. They also had their people standing by the demos answering any questions and showing how to use it.
    Same here, they took all our info down about 7:45 and at 7:59 one of the employees said, "are you ready?" and the line streamed in smoothly. I thought that was cool. It was funny because even once the line moved into the Sprint store, and all 12 or so employees were busy helping other customers, a lot us still waiting were afraid to leave our spots in line! We didn't know they were calling out names in the order we were there...but then the main employee lady was like, "you guys can totally move around and check things out, get some balloons and some sunscreen" we did! They only had one demo, and there were a bunch of people around it so I just waited for mine, while chatting it up casually with some of the other customers and a particularly cute employee.

    The only reason I gave a 9 instead of 10 is because it took forever, I was finally out of the store at 10 o'clock. And the Pre advocate who activated my phone told me it had "visual voicemail" when I know it does not. I just smiled and said "cool" lol
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    I got to the Hamilton Road (Columbus, Ohio) Sprint store at about 7:20, and was 7th in line. Backed my truck right in to my place in line, pulled out my lawn chair and book, and sat contentedly drinking coffee with some other excited folks. As we sat there, a steady stream of employees arrived, all smiling and excited. The line continued to grow as 8am approached, and there were perhaps 40 people there when the doors opened. A few minutes before go time, the store manager came out with a box of palm water bottles and gave them to the first 12 or so people in line. The excitement was palpable, everyone was happy and ready to go.

    Once the doors opened, they let the first ten people in (including me!). I was assigned to an employee, who happened to be the store's Pre advocate. She let me play with hers as she got me set up and ready to go on 2 new pres. Even though there was a brief hiccup (she got bumped out of the system somehow) I was the first to be handed my new phones. I declined the setup assistance and was out the door on my way home at 8:15. As I left, the line had ballooned to at least 50 and the lot was more than full. People were starting to park in the grass around the shopping center.

    The employees and management at the Hamilton Road store should be quite proud of themselves -they handled this launch perfectly, and it would have been easy to drop the ball somewhere. There were plenty of employees there, and they had laptops set up everywhere they could so they could accommodate more folks than they typically can. Superb planning, flawless execution. They are to be commended.
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    I went to Wireless Wizards in Walnut Creek, CA and it was excellent customer service. I was 2nd in line and there was a line about 12 people or so and they let us in one by one at first but then people starting coming in greater numbers. I was in and out within 10 minutes and felt very satisfied with their customer service. Sprint should be proud of themselves! They're REALLY CHANGING!
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    10 - The girl who served me was PHAT. Too bad my ex was the one that bought me to her and was watching. Lol. I might go back today to have her add "insurance" to my device. lol.
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    10. The guys at the Store I went to are all aces.

    Showed up at 7:30 AM with a coffee in my hand and a cigar. Stood away from the door for courtesy, but there was no line and the store owner had opened up so folks could come in and sit. There was only one person waiting, a woman who is a chef for the NY Mets. She arrived at 6:45 AM and the store owner let her right in.

    Everyone had to wait until 8:00 AM for the real activity. Before that, however, we were allowed to play with the demo unit. After 2 weeks on these boards, reading every piece of info/speculation/guesswork that got posted, I felt like I already had been using a Pre. But still I was amazed at how great it felt in my hand, how smooth the slider worked (I've had a bunch of Nokia slider phones), and how gorgeous that screen is!

    I was #2 in the queue, easy to keep track of since only one more person came in by 8:00. By 8:15 I was out the door, waiting on AT&T to kill my number so the port could be finalized and my Pre activated. They said to come back as soon as my number stopped working on AT&T and they'd do the setup immediately. They said 2 to 3 hours was not uncommon for old carriers to disable a number but mine was killed in less than 10 minutes. So I completed the activation myself, and it was so simple I'm glad I did it.

    They threw in a free car charger for me and got me a better ERP discount than I was expecting. Feels like I got special treatment - good way to run a business, wether or not I really did get the red carpet or was just made to feel like I did.

    One thing that made it go SO much easier was setting up a GMail account before going for the Pre. I had all my BlackBerry contacts in Google so when I set up the Pre and used that GMail account as my primary (which I changed later), my 240+ contacts downloaded automatically in just seconds. They struggled with the contacts on another customer's Verizon Treo 650 and she had to leave without getting those imported. She came back later and they straightened it out, but my way made life so much easier.
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    I'll start by saying it was a surprising experience in several aspects.

    My wife and I were going to get her a new Pre to replace her In****. We got there at about 5:45am and were 4th in line, one person had slept in his car and was first. There was another guy in line with a 9 month old St. Bernard and we had our 12 month old Boxer with us. DEFINITLY kept the morning entertaining watching those two until I took our boxer over to Pet'Smart at 7 for her salon appointment (SURPRISE: Pet'Smart opens at 7 am!!!).

    A steady stream of employees showed up until about 7 which I was assuming was their "call time." at about 7:15, a few employees left the store in about 15 minutes later showed up with Starbucks Coffee and Lamar Donuts for the line (now at about 10 people). At around 7:45 the Manager and Assistant Manager came back out and handed us sheets of paper asking for our login names and passwords for the common social networking sites and email info inlcuding server names and such. I skipped the password parts.

    The manager informed us he wasn't able to share their stock numbers but said you can buy 5 and must be activated on an account, and that if everyone bought 5 they would be out of stock. THe line at this time was 12-15 people (SURPRISE: much shorter lines then I expected). He then said they had 7 people at registers and would let only 7 people into the store at a time. And that they would have at least 7 employees working all day so if we needed to come back for any reason they would have plenty of people here to help. They also had 3-4 people helping out and keeping the waiting customers company. They had bottled water, cookies, balloons inside the store.

    In a surprise philosophy (I've been with sprint since before 3g was released) the manager made it VERY clear that the person helping us today should be considered our personal sprint consultant. If we ever had any issues we should call them (we would be getting their business cards) (SURPRISE: He was being VERY helpful). He even went on to say that they are paid on commission. Which was a surprise to me, turns out it's based on customer satisfaction surveys, not sales (SURPRISE: I didn't know the corportate stores were commission).

    Every rep was taking the time to walk each person through their device, they did all the technical crap to get the line active, then they would take our old phones and transfer contacts, then they would come around to the front of the counter stand side by side with you and help you setup and customize the device and get all the account info set up (SURPRISE: even as a tech-competent person it was nice to have the hands on assistance it probably saved me a couple of clicks and I got to hear their favorite parts as in overhearing the person next to me they got a tip I didn't from my rep).

    Our rep was awesome. He was very patient with us as we debated getting a second for me, they quickly ignored the 20something days we were supposed to wait for the good upgrade and apologised for the rudeness my wife and I experienced dealing with retentions trying to get the same date adjusted so we could get the Pre (SURPRISE: The stores usually send me to Retentions for things like this).

    In the end we walked out of there at about 8:40, phones working both me and my wife (except for my exchange account which I later fixed). With the last 2 Touchstones (SURPRISE: they only had like 7 touchstones). By the time we got into the car from the store we had recieved emails on our POP email accounts that had been set up in the store with the PDF Version of the Manual and a thanks from our "Personal Sprint Consultant"

    Many of these types of stories end here, but not this one!!! We decided to go show off.

    We then went to get our puppy from Pet'Smart (SURPRISE: They gave her a free green scarf for being so good, we don't usualy get scarfs since we just get the basic grooming package). And then headed over to Best Buy to spend $125 in reward zone Certificates. We had heard a rumor in the Sprint Line that they would be getting 2 Pres at our Best Buy. There was one car in line when we got there at 9:15 so we ran to Burger King (SURPRISE: The Ham and egg Breakfast Shot Sandwiches are AMAZING!!!)

    When we got back to Best Buy there was 5 people in line so we got out and went over to hang out with them until the store opened at 8, found out that at about 8:30 someone came out and handed out tickets to the few people waiting. Wife and I showed off our Pres to the people in line and they got really excited. When the store opened the bulk of the line rushed to the Mobile section to find out that they had 2 Pres and the people with tickets would get them. Several of those waiting quickly left and said they would go to Sprint. As my wife and I were walking around the Wii Games (SURPRISE: There's some cool **** out!) We over heard one of the Best Buy Reps trying his hardest to convince the lady who was first in line to get a Black Berry. I wish I would have interrupted her cause he ended up convincing her to go to the Black Berry because "the applications are SOOO much better." Wife and I are thinking shenanigans to ensure the employee could get it later. I breifly caught the ladies eye and flashed my Pre and Said "Totally Worth it" but she was convinced and walked out with the Black Berry.

    We had a great day and quickly rushed home with our EA Active for the Wii, extra accessories and Pres. (SURPRISE: the EA Active is still in the box and the Pres are now charging after being thoroughly enjoyed.) ((well maybe not that much of a surprise).
    8MB Visor --> Treo 300 --> Treo 650 --> Treo 800w --> Palm Pre
    All devices obtained within first week of launch
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    Gave mine a 1 here... Horrid horrid.

    I was there at about 7, wasn't too big of a line, by about 8, maybe 15 of us. Once they opened the doors, they allowed a mad rush / cutters, totally screwing over several people (myself included, although I wasn't that worried).

    Strike 2, they wouldn't honor the note in my account claiming my eligibility for the pre, said the system wouldn't let them. So i had to pay full price and call *2 today to have my account credited.

    Strike 3, I've got mad screen bleed, took it back about 3 hours later. Turned me away saying "they all had that."

    Strike 4, Now my camera isn't working, and they are sold out in my area.

    Strike 5, out of order - They didn't transfer my numbers right. Not only did they only transfer about a 3rd of my numbers, THEY WIPED THE DATA FROM MY TREO. Thankfully, I had a pim backup from a couple months back, but still, totally not acceptable

    Strike 6, again, out of order - Activations were talking almost 45 minutes a piece, with every CSR except 1 having no clue what they were doing, all going back to the smart kid and asking him questions... I was about 6th in my store, and wasn't out till about 10:30

    Meh, I love the phone, even with the bugs / manufacturing defects... its what we get for paying to be beta testers...but I'll tell you what, opening of that msging app and being able to toggle communicating through AIM/Gtalk/Text/MMS... worth it all.
    Just waiting for the day my Pre has contacts grouping, and a "speed dial" for text messaging
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    I had a great experience at the Sprint Studio store downtown KC.....rep even called me on Friday at 10:30pm to get me in by midnight to buy that night...which got delayed till Saturday AM due to the system being shutdown somewhere at the corporate office not allowing any more activations.....

    so put my name on one and said come in whenever on Saturday, this phone is yours...of course I got there at like 8:30a because I wanted to play....they had let the line in early and I had zero wait.

    great job sprint.
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    Went smooth. I got there at 4am, Sat alone until 6 am when another fella showed up. We both sat alone until 6:40 when the sprint employees showed up. Then between 7-8 5 more guys showed up. 8am opened the doors on time. Wanna laugh. The employees were all tense , customers on edge after waiting so long. I was first and the guy knew I ws on line since 4. I looked at him and said. "I am here to check out the INSTINCT" LOL. He fell apart laughing.
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    I live in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex area. I have 2 corporate stores and 1 non-corporate store and 2 stores within a nearby mall within 15 miles of my house. I had plenty of options. I chose the farthest away store, because it is never busy. I pulled up to the store at 7:59AM. Sat in the truck for a couple of minutes, listening to sports radio. When I pulled up there was 2 people already there. No one was waiting in line. Everyone was just sitting in their vehicles. I was side-tracked by sports radio and 4 vehicles pulled up before I finally entered the store. We all entered at about the same time. There were 7 reps and 6 customers. I was in and out in flash.

    I did drive by the other corp store that is closer to me and there was a line of about 30 people. I drove about 6 extra minutes and saved a ton of time.
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    Meh, I'll give it a 7. It's more of a 7.5 because I got to meet a Palm rep and talk to him for a bit. And the Sprint rep did drop my phone on his keyboard initially. The process wasn't excessively smooth but probably better than other places.
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    My store had 75, 70 for sales 5 for issues/replacements, number 5 in line at 1am had over 30 by open. The store I went to had a Palm rep there, anyone else have a Palm employee at their store?
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