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    I got in line at a Sprint corporate store at 5:30am, was number 5 in line. They opened their doors at 8am sharp and took the first 9 people in line as they had 9 registers open. I was activated and walking out the door by 8:35am. Overall, a great experience. Top it off there was great conversation with the people waiting in line before they opened.

    Oh and I should add the Sprint rep took the phone out of the box but kept the plastic on and handed it to me to power it up and walk through the initial setup.
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    I had a great experience. It was well organized as the staff handed out numbered slips to the customers in line, when they ran out of slips they started taking names for ordering Pre's. They also only let "X" number of people in the store at one time to cut down on the chaos. Id also like to thank my sales person Charity (what an awesome name), not only did she answer all my questions about the Pre but she helped me with some unrelated sprint Issues on my account (fixing my caller ID name), and she made sure I had all my mail in rebate information. All in all I had a great experience.

    Just in case a sprint Rep reads this I just want to say the staff at the Hurstbourne Parkway (corp) did an excellent job.
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    To be totally honest, Great!!! I was in and out in like 1/2 hour. Doors opened at 8am, waited in side for like 5 mins. Got up to the counter gave the rep my name, number and acct number. Paid the man. Opened the box and went through setup and contact sync. And that was that. Was kind of to easy???
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    They took 45 minutes to get to me and I was customer #8. They lied about having a touchstone in stock (I got it in the end.) They forced my to switch from Everything Plus to Everything Data (I was able to switch back but will still have a month of Everything Data plan charge)

    I hate them.
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    I was impressed by how efficiently and calmly the launch went. This is at the South Austin TX store. I intended to be there at the 8am opening. So naturally I got there at 8:30. My wife was with me as she was getting one too. There were about 20 people in the store and 16 people waiting. I asked if this was the line for the Instinct. A few minutes after arriving, the store manager came out, handed me two pieces of paper and said "here're your Pres". I asked him how many they had and he said 95. The line went pretty quickly. I doubt if we were waiting outside for more than 15 minutes. The other customers were pretty chatty and glad to be there. The fellow ahead of us (Aaron) and the guy behind were both Precentra, Treocentral members. Our turn came to enter the store. All the people in there were patiently waiting their turns. There were 2 Pres to play with running a demo. I got to play a while. Loved the way it works. This only whetted my appetite for mine. While I was using the demo unit a sales person came over to get a new Pre out of the drawer where I was standing. I could see her reaching way back to get one and I said I hope you have more in back. She just chuckled and said they did. When it was our turn, the sales guy got everything provisioned and handed them to us to get our email and passwords. The were having 20 percent off accessories. I couldn't refuse that offer and I bought 2 Touchstones, but they were out of stock (store only got 30) so they will be shipped. One car cable. I already had one, and a Plantronics Voyager Pro headset. The rest of the day was spent playing.
    Everything went very smoothly during the purchase process and it appeared as if they do this exact same thing everyday.

    Having said all of the above, there was programming problem on their end that caused both phones to display the same number. One didn't work at all and it took a trip back to the store Saturday evening to fix it. He fixed it fine, but then after I got home, I realized that my phone now was reprogrammed with the wrong number. So back I went on Sunday and after an hour and a half he got both working.
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    I was the first to get a Pre in my city. I had the phone in less than 5 minutes, so I give the store staff an 11. Dana knows his cell phones and really boned up on the Pre. That being said, I give Palm/Sprint a 1 for their activation procedure. First, there's no EVDO in that area so we had to use the regular network. It took almost three times before I walked out of the store an hour and a half later. But I got to play with the display models all I wanted so I knew a lot when I finally did leave.

    The store had around 14 phones and maybe 10 people who were there for the phone. Don 't know how the rest of the day went, but except for the battery life I'm pretty happy with it.
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    10+. I got to the Sprint store in Memphis (Cordova) before 6 am and was 4th in line. The Sprint employees were there by 6:30 and by 7 am they were passing out numbers to the waiting customers. They let in the first 7 customers a few minutes before 8 am. Sprint employee Harold handled my sale efficiently and the transaction was painless, even though I was establishing a new account with an discount and porting my number from Verizon. I left the store by 8:20 am with my phone fully functioning.

    I returned to the Sprint store on Sunday afternoon because Harold was conducting a training session for any customer who wanted to attend.

    Great service, Great phone.
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    only problem i had when buying the phone is that it wouldnt activate at first, had to re-attempt 4-5 times before it finally took (probably cause i was porting over a number from verizon)

    Besides that, everything went great
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    Quote Originally Posted by ia517 View Post
    only problem i had when buying the phone is that it wouldnt activate at first, had to re-attempt 4-5 times before it finally took (probably cause i was porting over a number from verizon)

    Besides that, everything went great
    Ya, same here. The system was really bogged down with all of the activations. Mine took 3 out of 5 tries.
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    I was about #8 in line @ 7:45 Saturday. My store had a list from the day before so I knew I was getting a phone. Everyone before me and some after me had no problems and walked out with a phone in about 30 minutes. My phone would not activate after at least 2 rounds of 5 attempts each. They took it in back and came out about 45 minutes later saying they tried a new phone and it activated fine. I was in the store for about 90 minutes. I'm just glad they had enough in the store to try another phone.
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    I went to the Sprint Corp store at 5:00am. #2 in line. I didn't leave the Sprint store until 10:30am. All because Sprint was pulling up a cancelled account back from February. I had Sprint for about 2 weeks to test out the service. No one could figure out why I couldn't get an account started, even though I was approved for 5 lines and $0 deposit. Worst buying experience ever.
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    The buying was easy I was the first one at RadioShack and only one other person was there for the pre. We had trouble getting into my account because I had nextel a few years ago and I don't remember my password. We had to escalate to a supervisor to get it sorted out but another problem, my credit need manual approval so another 40 minute wait. so the whole process took about 2 hours to get done.

    The RadioShack reps were great. They even gave me the Pre Demo wheel, displaying the features. lolz
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    It was a pleasant experience, even though I spent over $400, (Pre and accessories).

    It appeared the Reps were very well trained, and 'all stations' were manned. I was lucky enough to get the last Touchstone in the store (#19 in line).

    A Local company provided smoothies and the Rep said Red Bull was coming in later in the day.

    I was prepared for the worst... but had none of it
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