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    If you only had one complaint about the Pre, what would it be?

    - No constant notification when you get an email, text, calendar... etc.. I don't have this attached to my hip, so it would be nice to have it keep reminding me until I take action. Its annoying having to check constantly for messages/reminders.
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    Clouding/blotching on the bottom (and some report top and sides) of the screen.
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    Visual notification like the led on the blackberrys that would blink for about 10 minutes when there is a new notification.
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    Battery life!
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    Lack of an LED that let's me know the phone is charging/charged.
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    No tethering!!!!!
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    Cant change alert tones for messaging notifications. Dumb dumb dumb. Especially if you have more than one Pre in a household.

    Plus, the default one is pretty lame & puny, so its hard to hear sometimes. Whats the point of all this push/messaging fancyness if the alerts suck??
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    No scrolling indicators. In long lists (contacts, email) one has NO idea where one is in a list or how long it is. That's one gripe, but I could add others about scrolling.
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    Texting is too bare with no emoticons or quick text options.
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    Visual Message indicator
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    service - pratically no bars and roams in certain areas of my apartment.
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    battery life is atrocious
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    battery life
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    Battery life and screen doesn't follow as you type. I picked two because I'm a non-conformist
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    Synergy Concept: Why sync with the cloud apps when desktop apps are better?
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    Need a gesture for "go to top" or "go to bottom" on long lists, web pages, etc.
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    Antenna - It averages at 1 bar in my house but will also jump up and down.
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    would like white background keys for numbers, like the Treo Pro
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    I have better chance winning the lottery than being able to hit the small circle button in the bottom left hand side of the screen.!!! FIX THAT ASAP!!!! AGGGGH!!!
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