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    I don't have a pre yet. I'm so bummed.......Haven't even looked for one, or really decided if I'm going to get one. It would have been nice for Palm to fully release the SDK prior to the Pre so there would have something to do with it other than Email and Web and texting...
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    battery life
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jersey Girl View Post
    Texting is too bare with no emoticons or quick text options.

    There are emoticons. Hit the "sym" button.

    1. App store

    Runner up, Sprint service and reduction of signal than my last phone. I only get one or two bars.
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    Temporary: EAS Exchange Bug
    Permanent: No thumb directional support - scroll wheel, thumb arrows, etc.
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    Email does not update my All Mail folder even though it's in the "Favorites" section.
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    Browser- Share button need SMS function, or some sort of hold down click menu for link properties or save something as.
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    Screen issues essentially. Clouding+Dead Pixels=Semi-Annoyed.
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    You know what would be nice? Some EQ settings for the music, like bass and treble...
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    Aside from bugs: It's difficult to type multiple lines into wide form fields on web pages -- I keep having to scroll left and right to see what I'm typing. I'd like to see an option for wrapping text at the screen boundaries, as has existed on the Treos and Centros.
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