My thoughts on Palm's future updates:

I've noticed that 1.0.2 was only about 67MB, so it looks as though when Palm releases an update they don't have to repatch the whole firmware like one would with a ROM update on WM or using iTunes to update the iPhone. So in theory Palm could find and patch a problem with say battery life, push out a 4MB update and you wake up one morning you're on 1.0.3. This is much, much easier than the iTunes backup/reinstall/restore process to do an update.

It doesn't look like there are any way to opt-out of updates. Where that's going to be a problem is the hacking community. They could find a exploit, gain root access so we can have all sorts of crazy fun with this great device, and Palm pushes an OTA update that fixes the problem. Besides the hacking community, OTA updates are great and really innovative. I believe it's one of the best features of WebOS actually.

Now people believe Palm will be slow on pushing out updates, if at all. That might be true in the past, those days are gone. There was a huge outcry months ago about how there was no alarm app, and Palm confirmed there would be no alarm application but that'd be a great idea for a third party. Look now, there's an alarm app! Just in time for launch, too.

We're going to get updates from Palm, they're going to be timely updates, and they'll all come with feature additions and bug fixes. Honestly, I haven't noticed that many bugs and I have yet to have a single crash. There are some features I want I feel are lacking, but I'm confident they'll come with updates. Palm already stated they want to add video recording and flash, both huge features! I see no reason why they couldn't add the little features.