copying phone numbers

when I have a missed call I want to be able to call that person back with a *67 in front of the number. previously on the treo I could copy n paste the phone numbers. how do I do this on the pre? is there a way to put the *67 in front of all numbers that are dialed?


I have imported all of my outlook contacts. how do I edit the contact notes? I clicked edit but the notes area is not available to edit?

how do I import the outlooks tasks and memos? only contacts and calendar carried over?

hot keys
on the treo there were some shortcut keys available using that special symbol. what shortcuts are available on the pre? is there a list?

how do I name my bookmark? how organize or sort your bookmarks?

when I delete something like a photo how do you turn off the confirmation? you know the do you want to delete popup?

thanks for your help