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    I've been watching this forum to see how people like the device, and so far it seems a little depressing of what I read. I hope members on here have more positives then negatives, and that there are more happy Pre owners then not.

    "Can I return Pre and go back to Verizon?"
    "Ditching the Pre"
    "Locked Up"
    "OMG The Ringtones SUCK!!!!!!"
    "Doc View, WTF!?"
    "Does your Pre have a dead / stuck pixel issue?" (poll is about 60% who do. 22 people)
    "Anyone find "Calendar" unusually SLOW?"
    "Got my PRE this morning, NOT Impressed!"
    Closing slider crashes phone

    This is just the first page and no topics on crashes either.

    I know it hasn't been out long, but it just doesn't seem to be looking good from what has been expected of the device.

    I hope things get better for all of you. Not only for Palms sake, but Sprint and Best Buy,etc

    I'm sure these places aren't expecting to get half returned. And I really dont want to see Palm flop, but this Pre ordeal is their baby, and if it flops, I have a feeling that would be the end of Palm.

    I just wonder after a week or two, if this phone is what everyone really expected or wanted, and who will return it for something else, and will no longer be a Palm owner.
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    Much like other areas in life - complainers look for places to complain, while those that are satisfied look for answers to questions, and go back to using their phone - while ignoring the complainers....
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    Actually, OP, it is quite the opposite.
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    More people are going to come to complain then give praises to the phone. Thats how the internet is... I love my phone. Sure, there are some things that need to be fixed (exchange) but thats what happens when were early adopters.
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    People don't post on forums to sing praises. They go on forums to ask questions and rant. If you're wanting to know how many pres are going to get returned or how man people are satisfied with their purchase then start a poll.
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    I like it but am leaning toward canceling and going back to my iphone monday.

    Too many little irks. It is very cool and I love the multi tasking though.
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    Exactly that's what the internet forums are about for the most part, complaining. I love my phone as well, kicks the snot out of my old instinct
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    Its not that bad, there might be some bad phones that have some issues, some of the other things can be fixed. The Ringtones, well, there ok. But, hell you can download new ones, people need to try it out, if its not for them, return it. In my opinion, it has a lot of potential, a lot..
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    It seems to me that we have valid complaints/issues on one side of the fence, then we have mindless venting on the other.

    People need to realize one key thing. The Pre is a brand new device in both hardware and software. THERE ARE GOING TO BE ISSUES! Period. Testing only goes so far. If you have a pool of testers, say 100, they are NEVER going to find all of the issues in an OS. Now, we have a nationwide release with thousands upon thousands of "beta" testers.

    People also need to realize that their "issue" may only be something minor. This does not apply to those that can't get activesync to work, or have screen pixelation or distoration. But rather to those that simply come in here, without a valid point or argument and just want to complain. For example, "it's hot when it's charging". Ummmm, yeahhhh. It's an electrical device with electrical current flowing through it. If it's too hot, go to McDonald's and ask for a coffee. Better yet, plug in an Apple device and use it for more than a few minutes. Let's talk hot. But yet no one complains about that. And my favorite? "I'm taking this back because it doesn't have a Facebook app". If that is your biggest problem, then yeah, take it back. Otherwise, STFU.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pieler8 View Post
    Exactly that's what the internet forums are about for the most part, complaining. I love my phone as well, kicks the snot out of my old instinct
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    I think a lot of it is overreaction to sky-high expectations not being completely met. Personally, I love the hardware and webOS, but I'm finding a few shortcomings in the apps. I'd hoped Palm would nail everything from the start.
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    I'm actually kind of glad I've been forced to wait at this point. Growing pains for any device is normal, however, and (keep in mind) this is the launch of a whole new platform; Palm is going to fix buggy crap, fast.
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    Nature of the beast that people complain before they praise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pieler8 View Post
    Exactly that's what the internet forums are about for the most part, complaining. I love my phone as well, kicks the snot out of my old instinct
    AMEN brother, AMEN! but whats the deal with no support for mobile sync? just when i thought sprint was getting theier crap together.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by nerdtalker View Post
    I'm actually kind of glad I've been forced to wait at this point. Growing pains for any device is normal, however, and (keep in mind) this is the launch of a whole new platform; Palm is going to fix buggy crap, fast.
    As far as palm fixing buggy crap fast I would hope so too.

    The reality of palms history is very different.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UntidyGuy View Post
    It's hard to say whether the problems are that prevalent or whether these discussion forums simply focus on problems. I guess only Sprint and Palm will know how many of their units are ultimately returned. The media certainly will have something to say about it. They love to pump you up before the launch with words like "great reviews" and then tear you down with "reports of crashes".

    It's pretty clear that this isn't some kind of magic launch with zero manufacturing glitches. I think its funny, though, that some of the comments in the past few months about iPhones like how the battery doesn't last long enough and how it is missing some features that all smartphones should have and what has been disabled by Apple aren't going to resonate as much, are they?
    Agreed. But I also think it's funny that all of the complaints about the iPhone seem to suddenly disappear in these boards. People tend to forget all the issues surrounding the iPhone launch. The MobileMe rollout alone was ridiculous. But hey, that didn't happen right? And, that was for the 2ND GEN iPhone.
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    After all I'm glad i waited for the release before I bought, my humble opinion Palm better release the SDK to the public ASAP if they want succeed with the PRE, in the mean time we shall wait and see how the iphone responds to the pre in the WWDC.
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    I still think people need to state things they REALLY like about the device as well. I know it's hard for people to state positives, but the more negativity you have on the thing, the less people are inclined to get one.

    I do think only Sprint and Palm will know ultimately how this thing goes, but it seems to me that people only WANT to complain about the phone and not give praise where praise is do.

    Maybe this is like police work. The police get called out because of complaints and problems. No one ever calls the police to say... hey i'm having a great day today, and all is good.

    Oh well, I just thought i'd have seen more "damn this thing is cool" threads, or something to that extent. I was waiting for this whole... I've never used a phone like this before, and I am wetting myself. Maybe I was hoping too much.
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    i would like to know if anyone has figured out how to forward messages to anyone? this phone is pretty cool. there is alot that needs to be fixed but overall i can wait on the things to come
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    About 3/4 of the posts in this thread are variations on the theme of "people go to forums to complain, not praise." But I'm not sure that's true with a new device like the Pre. LOTS of people are saying they love the device. But there are also lots of people pointing out legitimate weaknesses in the device: things users of P-OS devices take for granted, even things users of pretty basic feature phones take for granted; things that just don't work, period; and things that don't work as we were led to believe.

    Pretending these problems don't exist, or excusing them as part of a 1.0 device, doesn't change the fact that, in many ways, the core PIM apps are pretty weak. And assuming they're going to be fixed in OTA patches in the near future is making a real leap of faith. Palm is a new company, that seems to have taken on a lot of the Apple mentality. Will we get bug fixes? No doubt. Will we get significant feature upgrades in a timely fashion? I'm not so sure. I don't think Palm intends this device to be the all-encompasing PIM device the Treos are. I believe they see this as a friendlier, more easy to use device for the "fat middle," not something that will let the business user manage their complex lives. The competition is the iPhone, not the Blackberry or WM phone.

    As as PIM, the Pre dissapoints. As a media device, it's still well behind the iPhone. As an application platform, it's too early to say. The multi-tasking appears to be great, and the card interface is brilliant. But if the applications you're putting on those cards and multi-tasking with are weak, it hardly matters.

    For some, this phone will do everything they need, and they'll be happy. But for those who are used to more features, more capabilities, more customizability this phone dissapoints. Attacking those who are dissapointed won't change that, and apologizing for Palm won't motivate them to improve the device.
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