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    I think its very poor planning that that feature was not enabled on the phone. No images, no music, no ringtones, no attachments!!! i tested out reviving a picture message and voila a little button appears to "copy" the pic to the phone. Easy. But why that feature does not appear in the browser is redicoulous. Music automaticly streams from links! even though its being downloaded first and not streamed! The best part is that when you put the phone into USB mode is that there is a "downloads" folder! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
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    I'll bite. I feel the same way. All I can do is assume that it will be added.. I can see the potential but right now this phone is a bit of a bore
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    another of my irks. I understand the argument for giving them time, after all many (me included) did for the iphone. But the fact is that was then and this is now. Generation 3 iPhone versus Generation 1 Pre is what I'm looking at in June 2009.
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    Yea, but i mean come on. They have us waiting in the wings for an update that will unlock a feature that should already be there!
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    I definitely would have liked to see this feature available.
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