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    Ok i have a problem here.... and I hope theirs a solution for this.
    I do some major business with over 30 overseas distributors in 24 different countries, 3 manufacturers in China and a number of US sales reps etc.

    In my Centro, I had pages of Speed Dials ordered how I needed them.

    More importantly, for my overseas guys I had all my international numbers programmed into calling cards and at the push of a button my speed dials would do the following...

    * Dial my calling cards toll free number
    * Dial my pin number and then the international number

    I used a Speed Dial button and entered the toll free more number, then clicked the "More" button and entered commas for pauses as follows

    ,,, pin number ,,, 011,, 85 XXXXXXXXXXX

    I HAVE to be able to continue doing this... if I enter a series of numbers with commas in my contacts in the Pre, it just hangs up and says the call was disconnected and puts the Redial button up.

    I need a solution for this.

    The calendar here is amazing for me.. i can now sync with all my production managers calendars etc but if I cannot do phone calls like this, this is an open call for any webOS developers to contact me as I have a series of apps I need written ASAP for the phone. Is there a way to get apps written and installed currently for the PRE?

    Let me know people. Thanks!
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    Use t and w.

    t means pause 2.5 seconds, then it dials digits after it.
    w means wait until you press a button on the screen to dial the digits after it.
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    you can have a bunch of t's in a row if you need to, just like you did with the commas

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