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    sensitive dat and the palm desktop?

    anyhow, when i called t-mo to get my account. after spending 5 minutes trying to convince me to stay, they told me i could come back within 90 days

    maybe verizon has he same feature?
    Yes, I had confirmed that Verizon has the same 90 day policy (before the Pre was released, since I had a few doubts as well). They would need to set up a whole new account number, but all of your original info would transfer over (contact info, contract renewal dates, etc.)

    I love the Pre so I won't need to go back, but an FYI for those who are not as happy as I am. Hope this helps.
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    I agree very much that one thing is clear:

    If you have "mission critical" apps/information/organization etc on your phone, you should not, I repeat, SHOULD NOT be getting a brand-spanking new untested phone/OS on a new carrier in the opening week as an impulse buy! Now, I'm not saying that the OP *did* that, I'm just sayin'.

    I think it's been a very smooth launch for such a drastic redesign from a company that has seen the reaper's scythe in the not-to-distant past... but there is no doubt that there will be issues for some. So to any readers who are considering the switch: take your time, think it through and talk to folks to ensure it will be doable for you.

    As for me, I've been lucky. I had some glitchiness with the initial transfer, and I must confess, I STILL don't really get how it works/what it's doing... but now things seem to be A-OK and I'm loving the phone.

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    Just a small follow up. I received a $10 bill from Sprint for the one day I was on the System with them.

    On the sync issue raised above, I add data, addresses and notes to my desktop every day. I was not looking for a one time transfer option, but rather a daily desktop sync. Then I would want to use the updated phone to transfer the data to my laptop for when I travel. This process is very easy for the PalmOS users and has been part of the Palm process for many, many years. Way before Palm got into the phone business.

    The good news is that a hard wire sync option is on the horizon.
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