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    Ok so everytime I try to charge the phone, the phone decides to turn on all on its own. it wont stay off, at all. the phone feels hot as hell while charging too. it just doesnt seem normal to me. im pretty sure im heading straight to radioshack tomorrow to return this.
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    I put an invisibleshield on tonight, had it off, and plugged it in to charge, did the same thing. I guess this is the way the phone is made?
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    like is it supposed to charge while on? i tried turning it off while plugged in. goes off, then just restarts. and did opposite. turned it off first, plugged it in, and it comes back on. and its hot, all the time, doesnt hold a charge. im glad i kept verizon while getting this phone just to be safe, today i carried both my storm and pre around with me. if i didnt do that, i wouldnt have had a phone since the pre died with in a hour of barley any use.
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    When I killed the initial partial charge mine had, it turned itself back on when it had enough energy. I thought it was nice. . . But then again, I never turn my phones off.
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    i charge my phones on too, but i wanted to try charging this one off to see if that might be better for battery.

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