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    I bought the BB Storm on the first day it was available in November last year. The software was flaky (to be nice) and the hardware was horrible for many. But, six months later it's turning into a helluva phone (although I still want a Pre!)

    My point - if you get a Pre today, do not expect it to be perfect! Give it time for an OS upgrade and for the app store to come on line in full force. If you are a leading edge adapter, enjoy but have patience!
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    im a storm user, and a pre user. their are certain things i like about the storm and that i like about the pre. im pretty sure im going with my gut though and deciding to return the pre instead of going with the first generation of a phone especially when it first comes out. i learned my lesson with the storm.
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    I concur. Afterall, it's only a 1.0 OS release (1.0.2) so it's quite early, even compared to the 2+ year iphone OS.

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    I also agree that its a 1.0 and you need to decide if you want to wait and hang in there while the platform matures.
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    The Pre already beats the Storm I tried in two very key areas - first, the cost of the Sprint plan and second, call quality. I did not have a problem using the Storm with .75, but the phone quality was crap - like you had a sock in your mouth when making a call and the earpiece was worse. And Verizon's pricing....well I don't need to go there.

    I am however looking forward to seeing what the Storm 2 brings to the game. Sprint will probably never get one, but the devices itself is pretty cool conceptually.
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    I'm a Storm user and just want to say that the Pre has actually done what no other smartphone has done before. That's come out immediatly with an OS that is a direct competitor to the top smartphone.

    When the iPhone came out it was a horrible experience with the OS. When the Storm came out it was horriffic as well. When the Pre came out, it was like as if they were already in this game along time already. I can only imagine what future OS updates have in store.

    Folks...the app store will come out and every developer will jump on it fast because of how easy it is to create apps for the Pre.

    Patience folks.. patience. The Pre is a success so far. Congrats!
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    Yeah, while some elements are quite basic and lack user configuration, what is there is marvelous!

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