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    I moved from a blackberry. What I liked was that all my email would be sent to my blackberry email account and I could delete it on my device without losing it on my native account so when I went home at night all the email would be there.

    How can I do that now that I've switched to the Pre?

    I have set up a second gmail account and have all my email fwd to that account and have the Pre IMAP with that which works fine EXCEPT that when I go to send an email, despite setting the "reply to" address, it is using my 2nd gmail account that i"m only using as a dummy to receive the fwds from my native account.

    Any ideas?
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    The beauty of IMAP is having all your devices synced together. Personally, I find it annoying that I have to re-delete all the email when I get home after deleting from my Blackberry.

    As for your issue, you may need to change the smtp to your real email address. The reply to is for your recipient to reply to.

    Try the IMAP thing. You may find it's a lot easier.
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    What I like about the blackberry setup is that I can just read the email and decide what to do right there. If I want to address the issue later, I can just delete it off the device and when I get home sit down and write a reply. With IMAP, if I delete it...its gone forever(ish)

    how do i change the smtp address?

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