I have yet to get a definitive answer on this from anyone, but you all seem knowledgeable and I've been reading the site for months now so I figured I'd ask my question here.

I work for Radioshack...which means that I get a discounted rate plan. As far as I know, my plan will be usable with the Pre, since we don't get any options beyond the one plan, and my Sprint rep said I should be fine. Beyond that though, we have to pay for phones full cost, no discounts of any kind. I would love to get a Pre, but when I checked with local Sprint stores they said they cannot sell them without activation, and Radioshack just put out something today telling us that we also cannot sell the Pre without activation, at least for the time being the document says.

So my question is, does anyone have any idea when the Pre will be available to buy outright and without having to activate it in the store? I like to buy the phones and activate them on the Sprint website myself, gives me a chance to handle any business with my previous phone the way I want to. I would assume it won't be until stock levels are at a continuously good amount, but if anyone has any information on this that would be awesome. Thanks!