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    I want to remove the contacts icon and replace it with the messaging icon. I know how to move them around (press, hold and drag) but how do I drag it to the quick launch bar and make it stay there?

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    The same way, drag it down there you just have to move something off of it first before it lets you put another in its place.
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    Um, so, yeh, I wanna do this too. But how do I delete something from the quick launcher row?
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    Ah, so simple! Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyoshisan View Post
    Um, so, yeh, I wanna do this too. But how do I delete something from the quick launcher row?
    Open up the launch menu and then drag the app that you want to remove from quick launch and drop it in the desired location in the launch menu. Then, you'll have the ability to take the app you desire in your quicklaunch and drag/drop it there.
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    Got to ask why they did not put this info in a quick start guide or the user manual ha
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    User's manual? I must have not paid enough to have that included with my pre
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    WOW i'm certainly late on this ... i've been really trying to find out how to do this ... and I JUSSSTTT found this forum .. boy i'm late
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    It is in the user's manual. The manual is available as a PDF file download from Palm's support website.

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    Has anyone found a way to do this with the launcher icon? I can move the others but the launcher icon seems locked... which is stupid as there's a gesture for bringing up the launcher so it's a redundant icon!!

    I'd ideally have the phone, contacts, email, calendar and messaging icons on the quick launch.
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    well that icon will not move unless someone devs. a patch for that
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Anybody have any idea where the quick launcher files reside? I only got my pre a week ago and haven't had a chance to familiarize myself with the filesystem yet.

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