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    Mine went completely berzerk for 6 weeks until I finally caved in and got her one too! At least I can now keep her from playing with mine all the time now.
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    I came home with mine and it wasn't but a couple hours later we were at Best Buy getting another one. It's the price of keeping peace and happiness in a family. I'm also the one responsible for setting both up and maintaining all the homebrew stuff, etc.
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    lol.... I bought the pre for my g/f and have been tweaking it and working on apps so much she has said several times that I'm more interested in the phone than her and should just buy myself one...
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    Make your messanger look like the iphone's
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    Thanks are always appreciated or for a really big Thanks you can always:
    (it can go a long way to convince my fiancee that this is worth my time)

    Please feel free to PM for more direct assistance.
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    my girl told me she dreams about throwing my pre in the middle of the road and getting it run over by car.
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