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    Has anyone expirenced the pre randomly shutting off in your pocket or when opening and closeing the keyboard? Also mine is somewhat loose and the back "mirror" is killing me with the scratch marks!! has anybody taken it back to sprint for a new one?
    Early builds had a battery that was too small. The fix for this is to stick something between the battery and the case to wedge it against the contacts.

    I don't think the "mirror" was meant to be a mirror. It's a shiny extra on the phone. It will get scratched, period. When you slide to objects together, there will always be wear.

    I guess you could start spraying some PAM on there to lubricate it.
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    Yeah the pre could be built with a better slider. But lets not forget about that water strip in the base of the iphone that is prone to tripping and when it does their goes ur warrenty. Trust me I experinced it and am out 299 when you include the apple care plan. Each phone has their perks, my pre is great and still solid
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    most slider phones suck in build.....the best built one to me is the "google phone"...

    i didnt get a pre because of the cosmetics though more so the internals and how unlimited manipulation of every thing inside the phone will come about as time source is > anything.

    i kinda wish i woulda held out and got a pixie in a way tho....i like that build better....i like "block" phones......i kinda miss my centro just because of how tough it was. but other then that you're just nitpicking.....the mirror? i havent even used it like that tbh i consider it more of a chrome finish then a mirror.
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