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    Well, out here in Seattle got up early this morning, walked down to the downtown sprint store, and fortunately I was 3rd in the time they opened it was about 15-20 people in line...

    Getting the device was no prob..despite being a new sprint customer I was out of the store pretty fast--and yes, they were out of touchstones!

    So I have had it most of the day...

    My initial impressions?

    OS is very tight, lots of potential, of course-it MUST have apps! otherwise it won't be pretty...

    The lack of a SD or sd micro slot is not a great idea. Good for the battery and camera with flash though.

    I know the actual physical keyboard is a big deal...I just wish they included a decent one! Its not the worst keyboard I have every used, but its not great. Its just a tiny bit smaller than I would like. If you look at the pull out keyboard of the g1 or a blackberry bold...why can't they do a keyboard more like that? For all the hype I hear about how much they struggled to design this device, I wish they did more than just use the keyboard from the centro or Treo pro! They should have copied something more from HTC...I like having a keyboard, I just wish it was either landscape or just a bit bigger...

    I mean, if having a physical keyboard is going to be a major selling point against the iphone, then it HAS TO BE A NICE KEYBOARD. THe centro keyboard was never seen as great!

    and I don't believe it has a backlight! So its even worse than the centro!!

    I hope an onscreen keyboard is coming to prevent me from getting carpal tunnel...

    Clearly it needs more Apps--Clearly Synergy needs work--need to pick and choose who from facebook or google you want in your phone, not just EVERYBODY...a video recording app, etc etc..

    Also need to be able to download mp3s from amazon over sprint's great network, not only from wi fi.

    Lots of potential, and I wanted to try one. Enough to keep it? I dont know yet...might be annoyed enough to get real keyboard--losing webos would be painful though!

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    Only thing I can add at this point is the kb does have a backlight. I couldn't see it myself until I turned my lights out. It would be nice to be able to change the strength of the backlight, though.
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    i think one of the problems is that the weight doesnt seem balanced when you slide the kb out and hence it feels weird in my hand

    like i feel its going to fall because its heavier up top. i cant hold it by the kb side comfortably

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