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    Thanks is this the same even for new contracts?

    I take it they wont return the 36 dollar activation.

    Also another question I had was that the mail in rebate form says i have to send it postmarked no longer than 6-20-09. thats only 14 days.

    If I send out the MIR, will I get my full money I paid at the Sprint store?
    Better go by a Sprint store.

    You may or may not have to pay activation if you return - I have talked mine away with ATT before. But if your phone is not active when they process your rebate, you will not get the rebate. If you return it within 30 days, you will get a full refund (maybe minus the $36 dollars)
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    If I go back, I will go back to my Treo 650, although I might upgrade and get a cheap Centro or 755p instead.
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    I give up. 7 hours of trying to get my contacts from Palm desktop to the Pre. I've still only got two numbers in there. I have sensitive client info and can't use Google to sync contact info. I am returning the Pre Sunday and going back to my 755p on Verizon.
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    it's still a little early but there are some things that I liked better on my treo 755P. it just seemed easier to navigate. some examples

    * easy launch buttons for mail, task, memo and call
    * ability to copy n paste easily
    * ability to quickly access items using short cut keys

    don't get me wrong the pre has some cool features but how often am I going to use the device to play music, videos, sprint tv, gps.....for everyday use I am a little disappointed with the battery life, ease of synchronization with outlook, heat issue.

    it's still early so these things may get resolved. my plan is to use the device for the next 30 days and switch back to the 755P

    the 755P (for me at least) was just solid and easy to use. I will keep using the pre but right out the gate the battery life is a BIG disappointment!
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    i can't go back. i just gave my sister my old Centro and she loves it and she's not going to give it back.
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    I am thinking I will go back to the 755p. I was going to have to give up my novell groupwise sync and this pre just isn't worth the sacrifice. I like my 755 alot. Ugghhh....I waited so long for the pre and now very dissapointed. I don't like the web brower either.
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    Bump for more response.
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