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    Does anyone know how to remove the back cover of the Pre without breaking the cover. I needed to put the touchstone cover on. I can't figure it out. I press the button on the bottom, but can't figure out what to do next.
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    Look at the instructions that came w/ the touchstone. After you press the button, you have to run your fingernail along the sides of the cover to pop it free on each side.
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    Got it, thanks. Just don't want to break it after the first day. Now if I could find a good screen protector.
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    No problem. Regarding screen protector, check this out.

    It's actually an entire device protector. Make sure you watch the demo video...
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    how hard is it to put on? I am scared of spraying water on an electrical device.
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    Have one on my itouch. Make sure you are working on a clean area, anything will stick to the film. Spray the film with water and just a spray or to in the phone so you can slide the film around with out it sticking and stretching to get it in the right place. Patients and it not hard at all. Sure is durable. You will like it.
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    yeah.. return it and let Sprint and Palm figure it out.. this is the crappiest build... just plain bad..
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    You'd swear you were about to break the back cover when you take it off. Pushing the button and then sliding your fingernail around both sides seems to help. But you can just pull it off and not worry about breakage. It's one tough little mother.
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    And just for clarity (it confused me for a bit anyway) it is not the button on the bottom of the front (the round one that lights up) it is on the very bottom of the unit - it is sort of long and skinny - that is the 'button' you press when taking off the cover (not really a button so much...).
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    As far as screen protectors, I have used bodyguardz and just bought one from phantom skinz. There are a lot of choices out there. Bodyguardz worked well for me and from what I hear most people like phantomskinz.

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