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    Whoa Leo!!!! Its almost hard to believe.
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    WOW. I have never seen Leo this mad ever!!! That guy was such a JERK.

    Go Leo
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    F-Bombs and everything.... coming from Leo!!! Hard to believe!!!
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    Yeah, I saw that earlier, but the guy deserved it. He was questioning his integrity because he didn't pay for a review unit that he was allowed to have for a week? Absolutely ridiculous.
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    I don't blame Leo for getting pissed.
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    I've noticed a lot of negativity from Tech Crunch/Crunch Gear regarding the Pre.
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    That was fantastic.
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    I'm not a huge fan of Leo but I think I will start listening to his precast. Good for him. Arrington has always come across as an arrogant jerk every time I've heard him.
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    Sounds like Leo got called out and he didn't like it.
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    that was sweet i have never seen leo that mad
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    The guy straight up called him out in front of Leo's listeners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickDG View Post
    The guy straight up called him out in front of Leo's listeners.
    Ha ha! You mean in front of Leo's future former listeners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kupe View Post
    Ha ha! You mean in front of Leo's future former listeners.
    What? If anything, Mike comes out looking like a jerk. This will only make people like Leo even more.
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    Sounds more like Mike Arroganton, amirite? :P
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    Leo did overreact, but Mike was the one who came off as a jerk. Blatantly questioning a veteran journalist's integrity is something you don't do without a whole lot of evidence to back it up. Leo had every right to be furious with that dork, but it's too bad he flew off the handle.
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    the trolliest?.. hahaha very funny
    I think the term "Troll" is hilarious.. like if anyone has an alternative opinion, or rocks the boat whatsoever.. that person is a "troll"..
    it's ridiculous
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    Hilarious, but absolutely out of line for someone that "professional".
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    Actually, I don't think Laporte overreacted at all. Since when do reviewers have their opinions questioned because they receive review units? I'm not Laporte's biggest fan (not particularly fond of his politics) but I would never question his journalistic integrity. And indeed, I think he takes it quite seriously, and so I can fully understand his reaction.

    He could have made a stronger point without the profanity, but still.
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    Will there be any fallout for Leo over this? While he might be "in the right" about having is journalistic integrity questioned... especially during a show ... I think he might be a little embarrased by his reaction.
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    I love Leo again! .
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