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    I will first say that I love this phone so far... just one thing that is bothering me...

    why is there no bluetooth support for data transfer (contacts/files), no support for voice commands? I personally dont use this but my father put it best... Your dropping 300+ for a phone and charger and you cant even talk in ur car hands free without picking it up to dials and blah blah... again... just wondering....

    Also... having to use the USB for Phone as Modem and tethering is kinda a pain... having the bluetooth route open is real nice...

    Is this support something they will add down the road? or is sprint just trying to lose money/customers again like they did when the instinct came out...
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    Using the USB for phone as modem is the only way to tether. No way in hell can bluetooth keep up with bandwidth you're pushing through EVDO. If you want slow tethering, use bluetooth.
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    i know.. no voice command is pathetic.. Bluetooth support drivers is old school just plain old not working.. the Pre gets worse and worse with each hour of use
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    Hopefully Palm will add OBEX and OPP in future updates. It does suck that contacts do not transfer to my car's hands free bluetooth.
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    Does Caller ID info from the Pre show up on your bluetooth display?
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    I seriously hope they add the rest of the profiles soon. I want to use name dialing and phonebook sync in my car! I miss my old Sony Ericsson phones!!
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    I believe that Palm expects third-party software folks to offer voice control, as if you read the white-with-black-text booklet that came with your Pre, it mentions voice control being third-party apps in there. (This is the booklet that talks about the usual stuff like FCC interferance guidelines and to hold your phone 0.6" away from you to keep the radiation levels down and such. There actually is some interesting stuff in that booklet to read.)
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    Really no bluetooth vocie dialing ? WFT Ive had that on every verizon cell for the last six year? How the H#ll could palm over look that such a basic regular/safety feature thats mind boggling ? Wow the Verizon Env touch is look better by the minute LOL too bad that a real no sale for me.

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