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    No phone is perfect, none. We (techie phone nerds who post threads on Precentral at 9pm on a Saturday night) knew that a 1.0 software product would have bugs. We accepted this being early adopters, much like the iPhone had a lot of problems when they launched 2.0 last year.

    Post in this thread if you're happy!

    I'll start:

    There are some things I want to see added, feature wise, and I believe WebOS needs some bug fixing. Honestly there aren't that many problems. I have not had a single crash today, nothing more than a very little amount of lag.

    That being said, what I hold in my hands today is a fantastic product and I'm one happy Palm Pre customer!
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    Definitely some things to be fixed (a few of them pretty major, e.g., the difficulty configuring EAS), but I'm tickled pink.
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    I'm with you. I wasn't expecting perfection, and the Pre certainly isn't. But overall it's a darn nice platform with lots of potential. So far I'm very happy.
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    Can't wait for new apps to come out.
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    HAPPY CUSTOMER HERE. Few little picadillies, not anything major. I just gotta get used to this tiny little phone!!

    It's to be expected that a few models (out of hundreds of thousands) will have some issues.

    Palm will work it out.
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    Happy is putting it mildly. Im thrilled with it. For months I watched the video demonstrations of its use but Im still amazed using it myself. There are some things I pray are fixed soon but Im very very happy!
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    All these threads complaining...I figured I'd add to the happy one. I couldn't be much happier, with the exception of getting the flash from adobe. But that's not palm's fault.

    I was driving home today, playing pandora through my car stereo as usual. Pandora, or rather my sprint service never cuts out, keeps the music rolling, and keeps me sane on my hour long drive home each day. But today I was to meet the fam at the park. I wanted a more direct route, so I fired up sprint nav, taking full advantage of the pre's awesome multitasking capabilities. I found the park, got directions, and was very impressed with how the webos handled multiple apps using audio simultaneously. When sprint nav would announce something, pandora would lower to background noise, not completely cut out. My directions were given clearly and the music would resume without delay. It was absolutely flawless. My old moto q 9h on att was a great phone, but it had delay issues resuming audio when alert tones would come through. Way to go palm and I hope they can turn this bad fiscal outlook around because although I'm new to the palm community, you've made my switch well worth it already and I hate getting into something on it's way out.
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    im satisfied with my pre !!
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Go Palm! WebOS is THE KILLER!!! =D *thumbs up*

    now give me a real fast device, the size of the pre with the keyboard in LANDSCAPE (good build quality!) and the rest (apps, voice recording) will come along as sure as time goes by...
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    I have no complaints, very happy with my phone, by far the best phone that I have ever owned.
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    I'm very pleased with my Pixi. Everything works perfect, including EAS. Does it need a restart once a week or so? Yeah, but most new phones with OS's less than a year old probably required more. Multitasking out to 11 cards does well. The build quality has been great so far. I have no real complaints. This thing does more than I've ever done on a phone before. I rarely even use my laptop any more.
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    Very happy with my phone!!! Glad other people are starting happy and positive threads....I really doubt some of the naysayers and I am on my 8 phone!!!!! Embellisher!!! WOW.....who is dumb enough to stay with a phone after the 7th phone....Palm pre plus loving it even more everyday....I came from the bb storm so I might be biased!!!lol PALM WEBOS rocks!!!
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    I love how the thread with people who are satisfied with their Pre is about 8 replied long since 6/6/09.

    On that note, I adore my Pre, nay, I adore WebOS, and find it so great infact that I am more than willing to put up with niggling hardware deficiences and software bugs.

    You will never find a perfect tech device.
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    Pre Plus Rocks!

    I love my phone!!!
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    I'm 90% Happy, I just want about 100 things to change, I am working on the master list to post in th e future,

    best phone in the world and I will not use another phone for years, I used the 680 for 5 years, now the webos for another 5 years, or more, and yes, palm will still be around, they have about 4 or 5 more carriers to come out on and will make money very soon and iphone wont be able to keep up cause people will get bored of that phone very soon,
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    Count me as a satisfied webOS consumer! No software implementation is better suited overall than webOS. When Flash and document editing comes, it will be the most robust mobile system out there.
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    I am extremely happy with the Pre especially after I installed and customized LaunchPoint!!!
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    I am very satisfied with my Sprint Pre. I was one of the first in line back in June to get mine and have been very happy. Still check Preware and PreCentral almost daily for new patches, tips and apps. The community on PreCentral make the WebOS experience that much better. The ONLY negative experience I have had was 1.4 forced me to doctor my phone. Otherwise all good.
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    I'm quite happy with my Pre. Does everything I need right now, and then some. Well worth the money spent, I think.
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    Thanks for bumping this thread! I ADORE my Pre Plus! It is solid and I've only had some minor glitches, no deal breakers. I'm very happy and do not foresee abandoning it anytime soon. I liked (very much so) my Treo 755p, but I LOVED my TX...what I'm feeling now is very reminiscent. And just as I felt with my TX, if Palm goes under, I'll simply buy a few Pre Plus'es to have in the event that my current one conks out on me.

    I see great potential with this OS and the Pre Plus is first generation Pre for Verizon. I am fully aware that I "signed up" to deal with bugs by buying in so early, the same as when I bought my 755p and TX on launch day. I've been lusting ( lol) for this phone since Jan 2009, and I'm so happy to finally have it. Is it perfect? No, but neither am I...despite the rumors.
    In love with my launch day Pre Plus! Here are my impressions thus far.
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