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    I'm thrilled with my Pre! It's the best phone i've ever had (and i've had many, including 3 Android phones). webOS is wonderful!
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    Best phone I've ever owned. Getting ready to Ebay my iPod Touch because I can't stand the lame interface by comparison with the Pre Plus.
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    just dropping by, same here....aint nothing perfect in life for those who complain bout everything, I LOVE THIS PHONE, theres a few things that they have to take care of but counting their updates since launch ill say they're doing their job
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    best phone I have ever owned, perfect no, and neither am I.. This phone does more than I can...
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    This is still the best phone I have ever had, and it meets 98% of my needs. I would love for it to be a little fast and have some more bells/whistles, but overall, I love this phone and I know (well, am optimistic) that Palm will be around for a while to make this a great phone!
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    I'm really happy with my Pre, it's been working beautifully since the day I bought it. I won't complain about the battery, I'd better always carry my charger

    Excellent phone Palm! Keep up the good work!!
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    Very happy with my Palm Pre. Like the hardware form factor and webOS. Awesome all the way.
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    best phone on the market here in the uk, and best os released!i honestly believeits more responsive than the iphone, and a more essential tool than the blackberry, and with zero fragmentation and 2000 apps which contains richer developments and platform (tweaking) flexablility better than android!if i can't have webOS i wouldn't know what i'd do for a smartphone!!!!!
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    I've never been more happy with any other mobile device in my life! My Pre compliments my lifestyle and keeps me more organized, on task, and productive in times when I couldn't have been before.

    Thanks Palm!
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    sometimmes i get tired of reading through all of the complaint threads to glean a little useful information - there is a lot of that here (useful information) I have been a verizon customer since 1994 (airtouch cellular) and i have had a lot of good phones - some fun phones -- and spent a lot of time on howard forums over the years trying to tweak the handsets to fit my needs. while not perfect this is the most customizable, fun, useful handset i have owned - i am a long time palm user and most likely biased -- i waited very unpatiently for this phone to come to verizon because i wanted it and now that it is here i love it -- i have only had it for 2 months but i have patched it and rooted it and froze it by doing the wrong thing and it has always come back -- had to DR it but now i have it running exactly like i want it to - until tomorrow. it has always come back from my abuses.

    have a great day

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    I agree with everything here. Constructive- turned- bash/complain threads are all too common. I certainly appreciate, and share, in some of the frustration; but overall, a very good v1.0 product. I qualify this with saying that Pre Central and all of the hard work folks do to allow us to customize our phones has a lot to do with it for me. Not only do these folks give us enhanced functionality and performance, they've spend hours on interfaces and tools that allow even average computer users to join in the fun. I guess I'd like to thank Palm for providing the "openess" and the developers for taking advantage of it for all to enjoy.
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    I'm happy with my phone.

    What I'm tired of are cheerleaders and profits of doom telling us to buy or dump Palm stock. Whatever happens to Palm will happen whether we buy stock or not and whether we are able to influence a few more people to buy more phones.

    Let's just enjoy our phones and keep trying to figure out what they can do.
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    Happy with my Pre, I'm an addict. Some corrections/updates I would like to see still.
    My device history:

    - Jim J.

    (On Sprint for many years)
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    I love love my Pre's and Pixi's... We have 5 Pre's and 2 Pixi's in my direct family and everyone loves their phones... everyone uses Preware and loves the patches...

    I just Love the webOS and I hope its the OS I will use for years to come
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    Very happy user. The only complain I have is the battery life but that is my fault, in a way.
    I like the phone so much that I do most of the tasks on it, instead of using a PC. Been using it since August 2009, every day.

    It will hurt me if Palm will die, when they finally came up with such great product.
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    I'm blown away with my Pre. I can't believe I got this thing for $149! I can't stop playing with it, and hardly use my laptop anymore.
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    I love my pre it's the best damnphone I've ever had i m on it so much my wife has even threatened divorce lol this phone is the best ever
    Quote Originally Posted by crazytexan View Post
    No phone is perfect, none. We (techie phone nerds who post threads on Precentral at 9pm on a Saturday night) knew that a 1.0 software product would have bugs. We accepted this being early adopters, much like the iPhone had a lot of problems when they launched 2.0 last year.

    Post in this thread if you're happy!

    I'll start:

    There are some things I want to see added, feature wise, and I believe WebOS needs some bug fixing. Honestly there aren't that many problems. I have not had a single crash today, nothing more than a very little amount of lag.

    That being said, what I hold in my hands today is a fantastic product and I'm one happy Palm Pre customer!
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    I am very happy now!! I had a little burp with the new webos but with the help of Shadavis08 I am back up and running and with a little more happiness in the wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller View Post
    I'm blown away with my Pre. I can't believe I got this thing for $149! I can't stop playing with it, and hardly use my laptop anymore.

    I use the laptop for farming now.....oh for Flash on webOS.. QuickBooks Online even works on it now. I love my Pre #9 baby
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