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    I've been a bit bothered by my Pre due to some lagginess/choppiness when scrolling, e.g., in contacts. I just discovered that it was not the Pre, it was the screen protector that came with the unit.

    Take that off, and things are smooth as silk. D'oh!
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    Does it come with a spring protector?? Other than the one on there for shipping?
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    yeah its not a true screen protector as tn__friend said, but the original poster is right it was so much more responsive once I that thing fell off. I wanted to leave it on there until my Invisible Shield arrived but I got tired or reapplying it.
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    I got suckered (ha!) into buying the Sprint ones. Actually, I bought them to get the 20% discount on the touchstone.

    Haven't put it on yet.
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    I also bought the ones from the Sprint Store. I tried applying one on and I just couldn't get it to work. There were air bubbles all over the place. I was able to smooth most of them out but finally gave up and ripped it off. Does anyone know of any screen protectors that will give you a quality look with no air bubbles?

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