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    619 - 6/1/2009

    Which matches my WARRANTYDATECODE.

    No problems with device, 1.0.2 preloaded.
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    No issues.
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    5B9 - 5/11/09. I bought mine in San Diego, and it is running with no issues.
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    5A9- 5/10/09 on mine. I have only 1 dead pixel. Have the heat issue and phone resetting issue because of loose battery. My slider on the phone is also extremely loose.
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    629 (6-2-2009) here. Got it from the sprint store in Bowie MD on Tuesday June 9th. This phone runs great, No screen distortion, no crashing, battery has lasted all day with heavy use. It has been one big pregasm for me.
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    6T9 (6/29)...Just picked up a replacement today. Couple of dead pixels in the center of the screen. Much better reception in my house than my launch-day Pre.
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    6D9 - June 13, 2009. Pre works absolutely fine; no problems with battery, screen, reception. Slider is a little shifty, but what do you expect? It's a two piece phone!
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    Using that code with the 7th, 8th and 9th digits of my serial number (as instructed by that link), my Pre would've been made in 2005. If I use the 6th, 7th and 8th digits instead, that gives me June 16, 2009 (I got my phone on June 20 at a Sprint store). My warranty date code is June 15, 2009. No issues whatsoever so far.
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    June 23 2009,
    Bought it on June 30th (crazy eh??)

    No real "oreo" problems, just a little play exists.

    However, my damn volume "button" has been loose since day one, and has recently started falling out -- taking this puppy in for a replacement with no real worries.
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    649, picked up on 6/11
    have a pretty loose slider with the twisting problem but other than that I have not had a single problem. Had some service issues but called I called in and had a technician force tower and prl updates and now have much better service. Also have had great battery life after using it for awhile which is kinda confusing for the type of battery that the Pre has.
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    my 1st replacement was built on 7/1/2009
    no sliding issues, or any other issues.
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    659 = June 5, 2009

    Only issues is a 1 mm shift to the right due to a slightly loose slider and a rectangular circle bright spot in the upper left of the screen which only appears when the phone gets hot.
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    This is my second replacement

    Not that the first two weren't good I just went in with minor issues hoping they could make a slight tweak and they elected to replace it.

    Anyway my july sixth model is great no issues at all.
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    May 13th here. Wow, they really got this thing going at the last minute. Almost everyones is in May...
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    Mine is 7/7. Hopefully it will be better than the last. So far its been much better. The last one had dead pixels and the keyboard quit working after 3 whole days! Hopefully this will be a winner.
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    My original pre purchased on 7/1 was build 6/28 and there was just 1 pixels frozen and the slider was loose..just got a new one today 7/21 build 7/13 and seems more solid and less "Oreo" effect...we will see in time
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    7A9 - July 10th, 2009 and I bought it July 16th. No complaints so far but the dust spec on the inside of the screen.
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    6A9 - 10 June 2009

    Not sure what my first one was, I AM picky and returned my first cause the slider was a bit separated (1 mm, which is wasnt when i got it) got this one 7/7/09

    This one has a slight bleed on a bottom left, but only on the corner, nothing major. IT gets a bit warm but not hot. Slight give in slider (NORMAL)

    Overall pleased with the phone. The one sitting in the Best Buy store i saw was better. There was 2 in the Sprint store - one really bad oreo, and the other better then mine.
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    7Y9, 07/31/2009 warrantydatecode (recondate: --/--/----)

    My initial State:

    Web developer. New smartphone user. Somewhat picky and big on brand loyalty (love macs/multi-OS-user of 30+ years: Apple/Windows/Linux (ZEOS, beOS, etc)).

    No dead pixels, no bleed or foam buffer in battery bay, tight slider. LOVE webOS: a Pre-gasm! (like that - had to steal).

    The Drop: About 1 week in I dropped it roughly 6 inches on to a hard surface, a counter: late night / several beers / simultaneous incoming phone calls = butterfingers. Whoops!


    1) 1mm gap on right side (if that, but I CAN 'squish it'). No gap on left.
    2) 1mm Oreo when closed or open. Oreo effect disappears when charging (plugged in).
    3) Occasionally gets hot. To be fair, I wasn't looking for this initially. And we're not talking INFERNO hot just somewhat rear-heated after cpu/gpu intensive activity.
    4) One 'reboot-when-closed' instance that I'm aware of. At the time I wasn't really sure what had happened, only that my Pre was rebooting, unbidden. Though I'm now chalking this up to the 'closing' effect (battery contacts decoupling), I recall that it seemed to happen when I had pressed down somewhere on the bottom-left corner. This has not occurred again.

    I thought long and hard about returning my Pre for a newer model. And then realized that there probably weren't any. And that I was being somewhat ridiculous about the whole thing: it's a great device, with a few flaws that I can live with.

    I love my Pre. Too much to abandon it now for minor build issues. Plus, as a latent Web Developer, I'm having a blast developing apps for the webOS platform.

    Best, bezoris.
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    7V9 here...July 31st 2009......rock solid palm pre
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