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    Quote Originally Posted by ido View Post
    Mine is very slow to load and I've got nothing on it. I've been playing the "which phone is faster" game with my instinct-owning friend and I'm getting seriously embarrassed.
    Why are you embarrassed?

    Its not the speed on the Pre, its what it can do, Multitasking, and such. The Pre is the Pre, comparing like I said early is futile. It is what it is, a sleek sexy, ooh aahhh multitasking smartphone!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLUFdriver View Post
    (I now only have appointments back to 2005) but when attempting to view and modify the calendar for this current week its still running as slowly as before (up to a minute to propogate data or process changes).

    Does anyone have 4 or more years of old data in their calendar and have it work as it should?

    Why do you need data that far back?? I think if you had just 2 years of data it would run ALOT faster!

    This is WebOS NOT PalmOS ... I think people keep forgetting that
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    Me too!

    I'm very disappointed with the calendar. Even though I like the always ON google calendar, it is very slow and sometimes unavailable if you're without internet access. Looks like they could do some type of offline version that's quick to modify then syncs later.

    I don't buy the argument that we need to tolerate some deficiencies since it does other stuff so well. It has to do the basics extremely well: phone, contacts, calendar, messaging.

    That's my rant.
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    I'm also hoping they speed up the app. I actually spent a week figuring out how to move all my PalmOS datebook data with categories to Google Calendar before getting the Treo, because I wanted to keep that history. I've got my schedule going back to Oct. 1997, when I got the first Palm Pilot!
    They all show up in Google, but only about 2 years back shows up on my Pre.
    I imagine they'll fix the Pre Calendar somewhat, but someone's bound to write another sometime, and something will work well.
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    When I swipe to go to a new day, the next day's listing shows up as I swipe. Switching from day to week to month views are a heartbeat or two delay. I'm a touch pack-rat and keep lots of stuff there. So I would think that I am a typically normal to heavy user of the calendar. In fact, I wanted the Pre - in part - because of multiple calendars driving me crazy.

    I'm not having a problem with the calendar - but I would wish for color coding. It would make weekly view more usable if I could code events. Example: Regular meetings in one color - critical/special meetings in another - personal/family appts in a third - "if I can make this, I'd like to go" in a fourth - etc. In fact, to get the granularity I'd like, I would prefer having at least 6 colors if not 8.
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    No calendar problems here? Colors would help in month view but otherwise, it's all good as of now...
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    mine is ungoddly slow. about 4 seconds to go from day to day.. why can't i swipe forward 3 days without waiting 12 seconds? sometimes i've had up to 20 seconds to open a day.. seem sporatic. but defintiely slow
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    Mine is actually faster since the 1.1.0 update. I'd say in less than half a second events are visible and I'm able to continue to swipe from day to day. Much snappier experience.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NachoB View Post
    Mine is actually faster since the 1.1.0 update. I'd say in less than half a second events are visible and I'm able to continue to swipe from day to day. Much snappier experience.

    Agreed. day to day is a lot snappier. I've always been a month or week view kind of guy but i guess i can live with the day view for now..
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    Mine is considerably slower than what I would call good for a calendar. It's usable, but when you have to wait 1-2 seconds for a day to load before you can swipe to the next one, navigation becomes a pain.
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    Mine has been unusable from day one: anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds to switch a single day (looking ahead two days is twice that amount of time, etc.). Should I try to get a new unit? I'm literally carrying around my own Treo solely to use as a calendar right now. How in the world did Palm get something so basic and so essential so wrong?
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    Just going to chime in and say that the Pre calendar is PAINFULLY RIDICULOUSLY and embarrasingly slow. I switched from a Centro thinking I'd become super-efficient but this is really taking its toll, as I refer to / add to / alter my calendar on an hourly basis.

    If this doesn't get better before my 1 month "test drive" is up I am either going back to Centro (which seems truly pathetic) or jumping ship for an iPhone.

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    Datebk6p Under Classic is still a great calendar tool. If you've purchased Goosync, it works as well under Classic. It actually works much better with a WiFi connection than it did through EvDo under my Treo. I do all my calendar entries under Classic via DateBk6. I then sync to Google via Goosync and at least reminders show up on the Pre. Like others, the Pre Calendar App is useless for me for reviewing my appointments let alone editing. The downside to Classic is that it will drain your battery faster than any other app. To keep DateBk6 open (via Classic) it's essential to have the Pre charging.
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    Just another update. I actually have about 9 Google calendars, including the public weather and holidays calendars. Going to the calendar menu>Preferences & Accounts>Google Account and turning off all the the most essential calendars from the "All Calendar" View has made that view much more responsive. Perhaps the Pre Calendar wasn't envisioned as syncing with more than a few Google calendars.
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    Am I expecting too much but does the palm pre seem to working in slow motion? I want a phone that just works!. I use the calendar extensively but the lag time is becoming unbearable. I tried going into airplane mode to see if it would help (and it did a little) but I still noticed lag time between swiping to the next couple of days. (the calendar grays out then loads).

    I happened to be walking by an att store so I tested out the iphone calendar. what a difference! It felt like greased lightning. Snappy with zero lag time. I am by no means a iphone cheerleader but comparing the performance to my palm pre was outright embarrassing. I was even to ashamed to show the salesperson what I was talking about.

    I'm coming from a motorola q win 5.0 and lag time was never an issue. It never came to mind!

    Am I really expecting too much from this pre,? do you think performance will improve? if this is the actual performance of webOS I'll be selling this and going back to winmo. Thats right you heard me.
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    The secret to fixing this is to make sure the Google calendar is your DEFAULT!
    This is huge folks. It greatly sped my calendar up from too slow to use, to slightly slow but WAY better. I disabled some of the other ones like Movie, etc,,,,
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    Quote Originally Posted by gadgetgeek View Post
    The secret to fixing this is to make sure the Google calendar is your DEFAULT!
    This is huge folks. It greatly sped my calendar up from too slow to use, to slightly slow but WAY better. I disabled some of the other ones like Movie, etc,,,,
    Interesting, I may try that. My calendars (Palm Profile and EAS) have always been snappy, but then I set up a Google calendar last week so I could share events with my wife and since then I've noticed it lags.
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    The calendar is painfully slow for me, as well. I am accessing only one calendar, the one which Echo set up from my Palm Tungsten T5 Desktop. Going from day to day is brutal. If I want to scan the next few days for events, it takes me 2 or 3 seconds for each day. I know I can look at the week view, but that won't tell me what is coming up, only that something is coming up. The week and month views are pretty quick, probably because they show no info other than start and stop times. But the daily view shows the same, just with a little text in each box.

    My Tungsten T5 was lightning fast under PalmOS. Granted, WebOS will be slower, but let's face it - the info is all in memory (fast)! It isn't going out to look it up on a physical hard drive or on a network. I would expect no slower than 1/2 second from day to day, while the T5 probably measured in 1 or 2 tenths of a second. Is it the gui formatting that's taking so long? When I'm looking at the calendar, it's the only task running.

    And when I change something in an event, like the start time, it take 15 to 20 seconds to complete. I have no idea why, but the two problems may be interrelated. Perhaps the data is badly organized...? Perhaps it's constantly compressing and decompressing the data...?

    There are other deficiencies with the calendar, for sure, but they will probably be enhanced/fixed. I hope they also fix the speed factor.

    Don't get me wrong - I like my Pre. But I like it mostly because of its potential. Once they straighten out some things, it should be much better.
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    I am concerned. 60 % of my time with the pfda phone is with PIM usage - contacts, calendar a tasks. I can't put up with such a slow performing calendar.
    Pls fix this Palm!
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    Well, I'm seeing the problem reported here and no solution - YET. For what it's worth, I am running all my calendar events under "Palm Profile". In other words, I'm not syncing or pulling events from other services. That said, my calendar is horrifically slow most of the time. Changing, adding, deleting events takes up to two minutes OR MORE! It's honestly embarrasing. I've had Palm's for over ten years and even my very first one was faster than this. In terms of Calendar speed and searchability the Pre is a pre-historic.

    Not being able to search Calendar is unacceptable. Am I supposed to remember that I have a dental appointment on November 24? I've taken to creating "all day" events with weekly recurrance on Sundays to keep track of such future appointments for planning purposes.

    Come on Palm - we need to search Calendar and it needs to be fast.

    Alas, someone will come out with a 3rd Party Application that will be outstanding and I will gratefully buy it. So come on developers. There is a definate need/demand here. Opportunity is knocking and it's carrying the willingness to pay for an app.
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