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    Can you "beam" or blue tooth data from the Pre to another Palm device???
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    No you can't xfer data to another device. Palm has really dropped the ball on this CRITICAL feature. A software update that enables you to actually USE your unbelievably SLOW and unresponsive calendar is great (thnx Palm...that was nice of you)...but I would love to be able to do the BASIC things a PDA is known for like: 1) data xfer via bluetooth (as if it weren't bad enough that they eliminated infrared beaming); 2) forward a text message without having to virtually write a program for this feature myself; 3) edit a Word or Excel document; 4) play the digital copy movie that came with my Bluray movie; and here's one for ya Palm: 5) RECORD VIDEO (heck I'd even settle for being able to record a voice memo!)...Palm owner for nearly 10 years and if I didn't hate itunes so much I think I would switch to the iPhone just so I can play my music and videos not only on my handheld device, but on virtually every other piece of electronic equipment that is being made EXCLUSIVELY for iPods (car audio/video devices for example)!
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    Quote Originally Posted by fleksin View Post
    do the BASIC things a PDA is known for
    It's not a PDA.
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    1. I agree completely about the data transfer. I can't figure out why Palm didn't use one of the existing bluetooth stacks for the life of me. Of course, what good would including IR be? It would be the only current smartphone on the market with IRDA, which has been completely replaced by BT.

    2. Virtually write a program for it yourself? You mean tap the screen of the Pre 3 or 4 times to install it from Preware? I get that palm should have included it, but for most people it's not that big of a feature. I've probably forwarded half a dozen texts in my entire life. Let's not be too dramatic.

    3. That would be nice, but isn't critical to a lot of people. What would have been more useful is file management built into the SDK which would have allowed for the development of much more robust applications, including office type programs.

    4. Since that's was presumably a locked down copy that had to go through itunes or zune, you were probably SOL no matter what you used. If it's not a locked down DRM copy, just convert it. You should be converting all your media for optimum performance on your chosen player anyway. It's just good housekeeping.

    5. Seriously? Another "I want video" post? I have never seen a good video from a cell phone in my entire life, and I could count the total number of good stills from cell phones without taking off my shoes. (That's a joke, son) Seriously though, even the best cell phone camera is a piece of junk. I've taken 2 cell phone vids in my entire life, and both of them were of an ex-roommate who had a habit of drinking too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    It's not a PDA.
    Are you serious CGK? That is really helpful. Would you prefer the term smartphone or does the fact that the PRE uses a new operating system discount that term for you? The whole idea of the Treos that preceded the Pre is the utility of a "PDA" in addition to a mobile phone, so excuse me if I don't use the proper technical term in my haste to express my concern for the inexcusable amount of features that have been eliminated from the Palm legacy. Now that we are done wasting each others time, we still have a Palm PRE that eliminated more than a comfortable share of features that loyal Palm customers have used for years.
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    Don't take any of this the wrong way...but very frustrated with the lack of solutions from anywhere: 1) IR would be useful for continuing to support established products that have been around for years that may not have BT capability. I can't tell a colleague to "just go get a new device since IR is outdated" if I would like to xfer data to them and their device does not support BT. Not a deal breaker, but definitely a hinderance. 2) I forwarded texts all the time with my Treo 755P (and wifes Centro)...sorry it's something that a lot of people do. That's probably why it was a feature on most Palm devices in the past. 3) document editing "not important"...maybe to someone who only uses a $500 mobile phone to simply make phone calls...many people use this phone for both business & personal purposes. 4) The issue is not "optimum performance" its the fact Palm is going through great efforts to "crack" the itunes issue, but has not been successful in enabling video playback of videos that we are forced to download from the itunes store in order to access digital copy movies (maybe not Palm's issue but it is MY issue since I chose to go with the Pre over the iphone). I would only hope that it would be Palm's priority to compete with this capability. Bluray and digital copies will likely be around for awhile so it would be nice if Palm would (create a converter if necessary) allow for this. 5) I'm not going to film my best friend's wedding with a camera phone, but you have to be pretty out of touch with the current generation to not see the benefit in this feature that, once again, Palm felt necessary to include in MANY of their previous models. By the way, the Pre takes pretty good still pics (smile).

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