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    Anyone know can you make a playlist within the pre itself? I listen to a lot of DJ mixes which are usually 1 long track cut into individual tracks to scan thru the mix?
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    hey,i have tried over and over to get music on my phone.i used windows media and it shows that music is on my phone.but when i go to listen to it,it tells me that my phone cant find any redirects me to go buy sum there something that i am doing wrong..?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sanfransoxfan04 View Post
    I tried this with Vista Media Center and Windows Media Player, I could not get it to recognize my Pre.

    Incidentally, Win7 Media Player did recognize it as a USB storage device that I could sync to.

    Thank you!! I was using a Vista machine and begining to think there was something wrong with my Pre.
    Who knew it would be as simple as switching computers - yet another reason to dislike Vista!!
    Thanks again.
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    I just used windows media to put music on my Pre. I downloaded some free music from and they have a downloader that puts it either in itunes or windows media. I don't choose to put itunes on my desktop so I used the other. You plug in your pre into your computer and use USB mode and then ask windows media to sync it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevin View Post
    ahh, I just remembered how dislike of iTunes I am. Will not do it. will digg more
    I use Media Monkey to assign the album art, and to copy the files over. I like the automated control of distributing the files.

    There are other options as well, but you're not constrained to using iTunes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adodson927 View Post
    Anyone know can you make a playlist within the pre itself? I listen to a lot of DJ mixes which are usually 1 long track cut into individual tracks to scan thru the mix?
    You can't make a playlist with the stock Pre Music Player but there is a player 10 times better in Homebrew Apps called Remix. It allows you to create you own playlist on the pre with a feature called "Flylist". It also lets you tap a button the searches and pulls up the lyrics to whatever song is playing..Everything else is at least as good or usually better then the Pre stock music app. I don't know why they don't make this player the stock player or at least have it available as an official Pre app. Go to the How to section of Pre Central and follow instructions to install "preware" which allows you to install homebrew apps and patches over the air with your pre instead of installing from PC.
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    i just use real player. it reformats and downloads to my pre. pretty simple process
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    Another option is to use MediaMonkey with iPod settings. Playlists will sync correctly and the Music app or Music Player Remix will see them fine. After initial setup all you have to do is plug in your Pre and click one button to sync.

    Here, I wrote a tutorial for this:
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    Hello, this is a simple answer i am sure but I cant seem to find/fix this.
    My wife used media sync to put songs on her phone, since then I have added songs via usb mode, now when I pull off every song, and I then unplug her phone she still has all the songs from the media sync, yet none of them have songs, so maybe she just has the album art, anyway it really screws up here shuffle as each time she goes to listen to it these "blank" songs come up in the mix, please help
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eguy View Post
    You can put it any folder or just make one called music.
    HOW, do you make a new folder for your Palm. I have been "Dragging and Dropping" Music files into the "Palm Pre" file, and when I disconnect it, the music is not in the "Music" App. I don't understand. Why isn't it in the app?
    And after i do make the folder, where do i find this "folder" with my music in it?
    Someone please help!
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    Within your palm pre window, right click and select new->folder and then name it music. You can then drag all your albums/artists into it. Although, even without the music folder, your music should still show up within the music app. More details about how the album/artist folders are situated on your pre might help.
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    I created a Music folder on my Pre and dragged music into it, but everything shows up as "Unknown Artist." What do I do so the Pre displays the artist information? I tried creating a folder with the artist name, but that didn't work. Is it that the MP3 file doesn't have that info? I went into iTunes, ensured the file does have the artist info, recopied the files to the Pre and still "Unknown Artist."

    UPDATE - Figured it out. I was manually copying the wrong files from the iTunes folder on my computer. I went into iTunes, highlighted a song in iTunes, right clicked it and selected "Show in Windows Explorer," copied that file and voila ! Artist info.
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