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    I take it there is no RSS feed reader yet?

    Also, what's up with the comma? Anyone else think its in a kind of funky position? I'm getting better with the keyboard, so far I'm impressed.... The phone seems like it could be just a tad bit faster on app load as well..

    Overall rating 9 out of 10, I'm finally happy, now we need the webos foleo,

    It was about damn time palm,,,,jeeeez....

    -- Written on my Palm Pre.
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    the mobile google reader works great.
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    i would love a feed reader app. i don't like google reader's layout
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet View Post
    the mobile google reader works great.
    where do i get it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ericizzy1 View Post
    where do i get it?
    Google Mobile | Reader for your phone
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    Newsgator's online reader is what I usually use. The mobile version, NewsGator Mobile, works well on the Pre, although they're serving their low-end HTML version instead of their iPhone version.
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    #7 works on the Pre
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    Quote Originally Posted by haydur View Post
    But that's just using the Pre's web browser... There isn't an actual Google Reader app for the Pre right?

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