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    I'm having signal issues also. Its the only problem I have with the phone really, well, maybe the lack of useful cut and past also.
    The signal jumping is just killing my battery too.
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    Wow I really hope this get's fixed because I wanted to get the Pre in August when I could get my $150 discount. But I'm gonna be hesitant to get it because the signal in my house is bad as it is with my current phone, the Treo 800w. I don't know if I could deal with worse signal with the Pre. It sucks because I can't wait to get this phone!!!!
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    Mine fluctuates too. Goes from full service all the way down to zero.

    BTW, I have an Airave as well & it DOES NOT help with this. Its something with the phone.
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    For those who had the first generation iPhone, the reception was a huge problem as well and it came down to the phone itself. It wasn't until v2.0 and the iPhone 3G did reception improve. The Pre is a new phone that will take some tweaking to work well on the network.

    Most new phones go through this 'growing' phase. Not to say that it should, but this is nothing new.
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