View Poll Results: How many hands does it take to get to the center of a Pre?

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  • I can naturally open it with one hand

    53 64.63%
  • I usually use two hands to open it

    29 35.37%
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    I'm usually okay with opening it with one hand, but every now and then I'll have an issue with it.
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    I used two hands until my Pre loosened up. Now one hand only.
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    I primarily use two hands, but can use one if I need to.
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    Quote Originally Posted by keri2000 View Post
    I am forcing myself to use one hand to get used to it. I think it will just take a little bit to adjust.
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    One hand, no issues. Sometime I use my left, so it feels like a stranger.
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    One hand. Put your thumb under the center button and push up.
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