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    What is this supposed to do? I plugged it into my Vista machine and chose "Media Synch" just to experiment, but it seems to just be mounting the drive like it would if I chose to use it as a portable hard drive.
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    It allows you to sync with iTunes.
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    It's supposed to sync with iPhoto as well. Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Ah, ok. I don't use either of those apps, hence why it doesn't seem to do doing anything. Thanks!
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    Boy, this thing doesn't like my Vista machine. Even though i "Safely remove" it with the tasktray icon, the Pre still warns me that it hasn't been properly removed.
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    Safely Remove worked OK on my Vista laptop. It did take a few seconds, and then it disappeared from Explorer.

    Of course, in general, you can 'safely remove' by unplugging the cable at any time as long as it's not in the middle of writing something.

    Using drag-n-drop I copied about 1.5GB of photos and 2ish GB of MP3s over. Not the speediest thing but it worked simple enough using USB mode.
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    I just tried syncing to iPhoto -- it works in the sense that it does copy over the selected photos to my Pre, but unfortunately, once I undock my Pre, and try to view the photos in the Photo app, I don't see any of them...

    It appears that iPhoto syncs it to the Pre by creating a folder called "Photos", however it seems the Pre is stuck on looking in the DCIM folder. Kinda dumb...perhaps there is a way to fix this, but I've not figured it out yet...

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