Before I say what I think of the Palm Pre, let me just say that I am a cell phone *****. In the last two years I've probably had close to a dozen new phones, all of which were smart phones. A few that I have owned are: Sprint Mogul, Touch, Diamond, Instinct. AT&T 1st Gen Iphone, and then Iphone 3G. And for T-mobile I had the blackberry Pearl, Curve and most recently the T-mobile G1.

Of all these phones, without a doubt I can say that my favorite is the T-mobile G1. The open platform, the abundance of free applications, and the hacks assassinated with root were all pleasing. I actually kept the phone since the Oct. Launch, which is rare for me. I was actually looking forward to getting the HTC Mytouch 3G (horrible name), but then I saw that Palm was coming with the Pre.

I have always had a bit of a tender spot for Palm. Back in the day I remember rocking the Palm III, then eventually the palm IIIc. Some phones eventually, but as time went by I moved on. But I always missed some of the core applications that Palm had given me.

Today, I went down after sleeping in until 11:00 am or so. And picked up the Phone from Radioshack. Where others in my area seemed to have horrible trouble finding it n stock, I just made a few calls and found one right down the street. It was almost as if I was destined to reunite with Palm after all these years.

From the moment I touched it, I have loved it. I know some feel the phone is a bit plasticky... Maybe thats a fair assessment compared to the heft of the Iphone or Storm, but it feels very refined to me and I love how it fits in my large hands. I find that the reviewers seemed to have made much ado about nothing, in regards to the lip of the keyboard and it's sharpness. I'm not even sure why they noticed it...

It's screen is absolutely stunning. I was afraid, or maybe its better to say I am afraid of defects like some of the people here have gotten with the screen so I continue to monitor it closely, but I must say.. Wow. So far so good. It's smaller size, but comparable resolution give the appearance of almost an HD like brightness. The real estate seems fine for my eyes, even though its slightly smaller than much of the competition. I feel Palm made an intelligent choice with fonts, because its very easy to read.

WebOS is a beast. It's really an amazing operating system. More so than even I was hoping for. It's fluid motions, animations, and layout in general are not just pleasing to my eyes but very intuitive. I never thought the flicking gestures would be something I care about or use, but I'm already used to it and love using them!

Although I have seen some lag (very minimal), Id say that in my experience it was on par speed wise with opening, closing, etc of programs as the Iphone 3G was when I owned it, and the T-mobile G1 currently (maybe even better than G1 if your using a lot of widgets). In fact, my 2G Ipod touch is about the same speed when opening and closing programs and that is without the ability to multitask currently, and no added resources being sucked up by phone capabilities.

The keyboard was a nice surprise. I've only used it for mere hours, and I'm already more effective with it than I probably ever was with the T-mobile G1's keyboard (which in my opinion is a horrible keyboard). It's got some decent travel, clicks a bit, and seems easy to use with large fingers if you give it some time. For the record I have massive hands with sausage fingers.

Call quality seems good. Haven't talked to a great deal of people, but those I have have been crystal clear indoors. In fact, in the very same room with the Samsung Instinct, and the Touch Diamond, they didn't get nearly as good of reception for either calls or data services. So far so good.

The apps are obviously limited. Which is understandable. Until it expands, this will be the only real advantage the Iphone has (unless Iphones upcoming 3.0 software makes the Iphone amazing, which I doubt). The growth rate of the market for the G1 was insanely fast... With many quality applications.... I really think that within just a few months Palm Pre owners will be floored by the vast amount of applications of high quality.

All I can say is I'm happy with the phone so far. It reminds me of the old days, but with a twist of the new. In a way Palm combined the things I loved about the Iphone and things I loved about the G1 into the Pre.. In fact, you can even say they blended in some nice Instinct features (the Navigation). Its like having the best of all worlds, without any negatives.

Very happy! Hope you guys are as well