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    I have been following the Pre since it's release at CES this past year and ever since become excited to read a new Pre related on Engadget (Gizmodo, Palmcentral, insert tech blog here).

    So FINALLY this morning the Pre was announced, and I was very very excited. I woke up about 6am and headed over to the local Sprint store to try out the demo. From the little bit of time that I used the device, I was very impressed. And minus the few shortcomings the device has (C&P WTF?!, Slow app startup, no music "scrub", can't download pics, and being generally laggy) I loved the device.

    Yes, I am currently an iPhone user. Let me just say that now. iPhone = yes I have one. I also have a Mac, and generally love Apple Products. I currently use MobileMe to wirelessly sync all my calenders, contacts, emails, etc. For the most part, I am honestly happy with my iPhone. The quirks that really irritate me sometimes are, in order of annoyance, Dropped calls, No multitasking ability, notifications interrupting what I am currently doing, and no combined email inbox.

    Here is the situation I am looking at. I just bought an iPhone last November. So if I was to switch to Sprint I would be paying about $150 cancellation contract, plus startup fees, etc. However, I also pay $140/month for service that would conceivable go down to about $100/month with Sprint. But I would also have to shell out $300 (up front) for the device.

    My big question here is, do you think it's worth it? Should I keep my iPhone that I am mostly happy with or make the switch and be potentially happier once Palm gets some of the quirks out of the way. I would really like to hear from iPhone users who made the switch, because let's get real the Pre and iPhone are very similar, but also very different at the same time.

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    The Pre is absolutely worth it. It's really not laggy, just sometimes apps take a few seconds to start. They run fine. This is really the best phone I've ever used or seen, and there's 2 iPhones in the house aside from my mega history of cellphones.
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    If I were in your shoes, I would just stick with the Iphone, since you've already got so much invested in it. Now if you had said you can't stand your Iphone, then sure, go ahead and make the switch. Of course, if money is no object for you, then sure, go ahead and get the Pre. Otherwise, just wait till your contract with ATT runs out, and join us on the light side!
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    I have used palm products for years. This is by far the best phone I have ever used.. It is amazing. I was listening to pandora, while texting, and booking a flight.. All at the same time.. No problems what so ever!
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    What I'm worried about is that Palm will be very slow in fixing their issues. (Where have we seen that before)
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    It depends on what you are looking for....

    For me it's great!

    Just an FYI... with Sprint you pay less but get more. For example turn by turn GPS navigation, unlimited messages, Sprint TV, free back-up...

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    If you like the iPhone, at least wait and see what Apple will announce on Monday. Maybe they will fix some of your problems.
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    Despite the bugs... I would still get it. I think Palm is reinventing themselves and they know they need to be successful with this phone and will be fixing bugs quick. It really is a nice phone!
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    This is the best phone ever. Don't hesitate, and don't worry about Palm being slow about fixing issues. That's what the OTA updates are for!

    I bet there are people from Palm reading this forum right now and making sure that problems are addressed quickly.
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    there's no other phone that does OTA updates. It's something that Palm would be dumb to not take advantage of.
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    Another quick question: Does it sync well with a mac? Will it update my iCal and contacts on the device AND on my mac? For instance, if I add a new calendar appointment on my Pre, will it update it over the air so that it's on my mac? Like MobileMe, I guess.
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    Since you don't really need something right NOW, you should wait for the iPhone 3.0 update and then re-evaluate.

    Pre 1.0 has some bugs that need to be worked out.
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    there's a version 1.02.... get the pre for a month without porting ur number and try the service
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    I have them both as well. IMO, the Pre is a better over operational phone than the iPhone. If you use the iPhone more for it's media performance, I'd stay with it. But from a functional standpoint, minus the discrepency in apps available at this point, to me the Pre is better right now.
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    if you want mac to phone integration, stick with iphone.

    if you have more stuff in the cloud, or in exchange (with out forced time out with pins) then the pre is your device.
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    Yeah I'd say if you already have an iphone you are fine. The only reason I would upgrade to the pre would be to save money on your monthly plan. If you have more than one smartphone in your household it can be a bundle. My wife and I each got pre's (oddly the monroeville, PA store got a huge shipment and still had then as of noon today, I walked in just to take a look with no intention of buying) with the everything data plus family plan 1500 + 15% discount (for working in a "public service" job) we are paying a lot less than we would with AT&T.

    That said the pre is excellent and hopefully more apps will be added soon. I am still keeping my SERO treo 755p around for a few months until things like epocrates get ported over.
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    Try it for 30 days. You can return it. Nothing to lose.
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    Get it... you wont look back....

    No one is a bigger apple fanboy than me... but palm won this round....

    The phone is simply stunning in every way....
    palm m103 > palm m130 > palm TlX > 755p > PRE (FINALLY!!!!)
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    I am doing the same thing, by the way, as I am iphone 3G user.
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    Buy it! I love this phone. To me, it's the perfect phone (It meets all of my needs). I haven't had any problems with it since I got it this morning.
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