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    I have an iphone now, a G1 a 755P. It blows them all away.
    I love it, it is fantastic! I don't find it laggy.

    Honestly it makes my iphone feel and look like a '79 Buick

    The camera is beautiful. I just finished a Camera shoot out on the beach, prolly wont post it til tomorrow.

    Pre vs iphone vs G1 vs 755p vs Canon 5DMkII
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    Why, for you, does it blow them away?? What about it? Is it the multitasking? Or is it just because it is NEW and SHINEY?
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    You can't save pictures, what??
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    Being able to save pics I imagine is a pretty easy thing we will seen a OTA very soon for. Seems relatively easy to me. Then again so does copy and paste from non-text fields.
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    Pre is the most intuitive to me (personal opinion). My G1 is so slow, the picture lag is horrid. You will see in my basketball shots I could easily catch the actionwith the Pre G1, was no way. 755p beat the G1. The iphone was relatively quick and unlike others, I don't think the quality of the iphone pictures is that bad. Camera pics, at least on the phone are sharp, I can't wait to see the comparision.

    I guess everyone has their important features: Mine revolve around the camera, blog posting, facebook, sms, and phone calls. Apple has replaced my iPhone 3X because the phone is terrible (that may be just for me) but I live in Orange County it's not like I live in Weed CA. I had Pac BellATT service for years without issue Treo 180, 270, 650 all with ATT all working in the same place. With the iphone, those of use with iphones at work have Zero service indoors, and sketchy service outdoors.

    Waking up the phone:
    Iphone: not hard but your movement has to be exact, if you don't pull the slider far enough, it won't open.
    G1: clunky you have to think about the order of movements.
    Pre: push button and glide, as long as it's up it works.

    Multi tasking is great.
    Nav is great, neither G1 nor Iphone do that.
    755P did it with external GPS module.

    Pre fits perfetly in the hand, it feels natural.
    Iphone, is not comfortable just to hold, and my hands are big, I am 6'2"
    G1 feels clunky.

    I wish Pre had a dedicated camera button.
    My initial impressions.
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    This is my first smart phone and I have been playing with it for awhile now and I absolutely love it. I have had no problems with it knock on wood. The keyboard is nothing to worry about, the sharp edges is nothing to worry about. I have had 0 crashes. It will only get better from here with the updates and more apps and I am ecstatic. You should go check it out at a sprint store to see what you think.
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    I love the phone despite a few quibbles, but I would say you can't answer the question until Monday however you want to slice it.

    Wait for Apple's announcement, mull it over....then get a Pre. :-)

    Seriously, tho...awesome, awesome phone.
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    First let me say that this is still a 1.0 firmware phone. Which means that it maybe a bit laggy but all that will be fixed in later firmware updates.
    What are the advantages over the iphone? Well, the first is multi-tasking! That alows you to do allot more at the same time. I used the windows mobile os before and one thing I absolutley love about it was the multi-taskibg. The second is that it is not a locked down phone. Apple has locked down the iphone to do only what they want it to do. The Pre is built on linux, which is the most customizable platform out there, which means that it has more potential than the iphone could ever have. It just matters how Palm uses the space. Another is that it is tons more easier to develop for than the iphone. The Pandora app took a minth to make for the iphone while it took 5 days for the Pre!
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    Right now the pre's biggest clutch is the limited apps. I am also a WM user and there were somethings I loved having which I no longer have. A today screen for example, I hope this will change as more apps come out. However right out of the box this is a strong phone, and I think think in 6 months it will be better then the Iphone.
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    stay with iphone. Webos is better than the ipohne os but the pre's hardware is not very good, and the screen is too small. I'm returning my pre and waiting for a new palm device. I love the iphone I just can't do att.
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    Quote Originally Posted by howlsmoving View Post
    there's no other phone that does OTA updates. It's something that Palm would be dumb to not take advantage of.
    Haha you guys really have drank the Koolaid!

    There are tons of other phones that do OTA updates. I had a crappy flip phone that did them FFS.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gbm85 View Post
    Haha you guys really have drank the Koolaid!

    There are tons of other phones that do OTA updates. I had a crappy flip phone that did them FFS.
    Good one! Don't fortget about the g1, it also does OTA.
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