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    If my understanding is correct, linux is under the GPL and requires the source code to be released for projects that utilize Linux.

    Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    Under the GPL, extensions to the Linux kernel are required to be released, but not middleware or UI elements that are separate from the kernel. Device drivers, for instance, don't have to be open-sourced. It's when software actually requires modifying the kernel rather than just using it as-is that the redistribution requirement needs to be enforced.

    Some platforms do require kernel hacking, like TiVo or the Sony Reader. It's unlikely that Palm touched the kernel, precisely to keep the GPL from "infecting" webOS.
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    They only need to open any changes they made to existing open source code they used.
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    Ok thanks for the clarification
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    The source code (including changes/patches) for various open source software components used in webOS is now available from
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    If you plug in your Pre in USB drive mode, you'll see the GPL notices in the disk.

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