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    Quote Originally Posted by cartogary View Post
    SquareTrade is the best bang for the buck. $76 for 2 years, no deductible, and extendible.
    Well, that's not entirely true. I'm pretty sure squaretrade has a deductible for accidental damage. (drops, water, etc) But I think it's a $50 deductible instead of $100. Also, squaretrade doesn't cover lost or stolen phones. Otherwise I agree it's a great deal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by smithwicks View Post
    SquareTrade is a much better deal than any of these plans that have been mentioned. I got a 2 year warranty, with accidental damage covered, for $76. Can't beat that.
    Agreed, ST is the best. Plus, you can insure it for out of contract replacement cost.
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    I can only relate my experience with Asurion. I submerged my 18 month old Treo 650. They replaced it no questions asked for $50...with a brand new 3G Treo 700p with a new battery. They even cross-shipped.

    Inexpensive insurance is only a good deal if they actually pay out when you need them to do so. Do folks here have similar positive experiences with ST?
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