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    Well, I'm not getting a Pre since my contract started on 3/2009 but while at I was at the mall, I stopped by the Radio Shack. They're looking for people who don't have a clue on the phone. While I was there:

    1) A customer came in looking for the Pre and they told him it was $300 WITH the rebate. The customer corrected them and this had to talk to themselves about it.

    2) They told me it was a one day special on the Pre. (LOL)

    3) They told me I could add the Pre to my Fair & Flexible Plan as a third line. Uhhh. Okay.

    4) They said they were on the last Pre. If the other customer bought it, then I'd have to wait for the next shipping.

    So, either they're totally clueless or trying to see what they can get from unsuspecting customers.

    On a side note, they said they sold 3 Pres today and there's no line.
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    I don't blame ya man. I called a sprint (franchise) store asking for a touchstone becuase practically everywhere was sold out. They told me 199$! I said 199$? They responded yes. I was umm ok.

    Either that or they didn't know what the hell I was talking about.

    I managed to find a touchstone at another location. Last one in sarasota as far as I know.

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