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    Quote Originally Posted by timGSU View Post
    Have any of you used an iphone or iphone 3g? It's definitely better than either of those by far, both earpiece volume and speakerphone volume.
    I'll second that... Anytime someone calls me on an iPhone I can't understand a word they're saying. Terrible mic and earpiece + GSM technology = a good reason to text more often.
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    Quote Originally Posted by babydaddy75 View Post
    I have had no problems so far.... my GF had to get used to adjusting how she held the phone though...somehow she was blocking the mic against her face and sounded muffeled as heck until she readjusted
    noticed the same thing while on the phone tonight. Whenever I angled the phone so that it wasn't parallel to my face it got extremely muffled. I kept doing this on accident and my girlfriend kept saying I was very fuzzy. hmmmm... anyone else notice this?
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    I have taken/made 3 calls on my pre and each time the person on the other end is saying that it sound like im yelling in the phone. Any ideas
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    Call this Plantronics test line number and it replays your voice back to you immediately. I found my BB sounds better.

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    I get compaints sometimes from people not being able to hear me and I have trouble hearing some people. However if I use the speaker phone, there is no problem. I hope there is an update to fix the volume issue.
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    I haven't had any issues. My care is a convertible, Pre's the first phone I've ever had where I can hear the person on the other end of the phone connection with the top down. I never have the issue of people asking me to repeat myself. So I assume they're hearing me just fine.
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    Speakerphone volume is not great, similar to the iPhones and they both suck in that department. Handset volume is average.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dsjr2006 View Post
    My problem is not really with how I sound to others, but they sound like they are holding a towel over their mouth when they talk to me like I'm trying to hear the phone through a pillow or something. It's pretty bizarre.
    I agree - this is exactly what it sounds like for me too. I thought it was just me!
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    My only problem is that my Pre picks up sound a little too well. Whenever I'm in crowded places with the murmur of people in the background or where there is a PA system making some kind of announcement, the person I'm talking to usually complains that they can't "hear [me] over all the noise".

    The sound coming out of the earpiece could be louder, but I usually have my headphones plugged in, anyway.
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    Sounds is clear. Volume is adequate, but could be louder. Not a deal breaker.
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    Any 1.2 early adaptors care to comment on a hopefully included cure for the low volume issue?

    very low volume after 1.1 (I also have TS, some speculation about strong magnet in base) , it IS a deal breaker for me, as I have to use the phone out in the real world -ie not in an isolation tank
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