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    Anyone who has one care to comment... any freezes and/or lockups? Does the Pre seem to be more stable than Treos/previous Palm phones?
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    if it's not then Palm is dead for sure -- can't wait to send the 755p back to Sprint. I won't miss the rebooting sound I used to hearing 5 times a day.

    so far so good on the Pre.
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    Well, I only had the Pre for few hours now. It hasn't crashed, but my Sprint Centro and Sprint Touch Pro hasn't crashed either.

    Still playing with the Pre. Managed to stream Radio Paradise through my Moto HT820 stereo headphones. I took the battery out and managed to reinsert it. No problem there. I seem to remember a post at T|C about not removing the battery. But I had to test this

    The Pre seems to be a girls phone. I'm still out on the limb about WebOS.

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    It seems to be much more stable. The only problem I've had so far is when i couldn't get any apps to load after trying to use the camera. The phone hasn't actually 'locked up', but I've had to reset it.
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    I've never owned a Palm product before now, and I am happy to report that I have yet to experience a lockup. But I do know that many people have experienced such lockups and I consider myself so far so lucky!
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    It is very stable for me, I have had a lock up but that is when thousands of calendar entries were syncing. But, saying that, I didn't have that many problems with my 755P.
    People, once I got my Treo dialed in, I rarely experienced freezes. In the beginning there are always bugs, they are always worked out.

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